About moi.

So I sort of figured this could be a place for me to let y'all know a bit more about me... particularly any new readers who haven't been indoctrinated into my world of crazy over the last few years.

Who am I?

In a nutshell: Only child, born and raised in the great, cheesy, beer filled state of Wisconsin (holla!). I am a scientist by trade and embarking on career re-do/do-ver #1. I love to cook and paint and I'm an artist stuck in a biologist's brain. I love photography and doodling and traveling. I am admittedly quirky and think the Sound of Music is the bestest movie ever (followed closely by Love, Actually and Forgetting Sarah Marshall). I love wine and coffee and ice cream and Chipotle. I prefer flip flops, t-shirts and jeans to most any other option and I'm secretly a total tom-boy with a serious shoe obsession.

Also? I love Swiss (that would be my husband). He's clever and romantic and could carry me out of a burning building... he is witty and smart and funny as hell. He's the best co-pilot I could have ever hoped for and, after finishing another deployment and 20 years in the Army, is enjoying the retired life. He'll be taking over my role as Stay At Home Spouse and we get to figure out how to live life when the Army isn't calling the shots.

Otherwise, I suppose you need to know that in our world chocolate is a food group, as are ice cream and cheese, Diet Coke is the nectar of the Gods (as is New Glarus Spotted Cow), Counting Crows is the best band evah!, and I'm still not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up.

I hope you stick around and that you like the blog! Welcome and thanks for stopping by!