PCS stuff.

So we did a PCS and it was sucktastic... mostly because I did it solo. But anyway, here is the collection of posts. But be warned: Some of these are utterly useless and only contain PCS/home selling related rants (but the post title should give you good indications as to which ones those are).

PCS Panic.
LiveBlogging the PCS, Part 1.
LiveBlogging the PCS, Part 2.
LiveBlogging the PCS, Part 3.
LiveBlogging the PCS, Part 4.
LiveBlogging the PCS, Part 5.
LiveBlogging the PSC Part Ohmygodarewedoneyet?, or 6.
The Butterfly Effect.
LiveBlogging the PSC: Part Holyeffinghellwhyisitsostressful, or 7.
LiveBlogging the PSC: Part Holyeffinghellwhyisitsostressful, or 7.5.
LiveBlogging the PCS: Part BOOYAH! or 8.
Mrs. Doubtmired.
Decidedly distracted.
Let the chaos ensue (Wasn't I LiveBlogging this once?).
LiveBlogging the PCS: Part I forgot where we were... 9?
LiveBlogging the PCS: Part Eleventy-million.
LiveBlogging the PCS: Part 12-ish, or Shoot me Now.
That sinking feeling.
Foiled again!
And last, but not least...
THS: Unpacking.

I hope that you find these useful, or at least entertaining... and that your PCS goes as smoothly as possible! Oh, and don't forget to pack your necessities on your person (this should include wine)! You never know how long it will take to get your stuff delivered! :)