30 April 2010

Oh, never mind.

And just like that, P (Swiss' ex-wife) changes her mind. She just can't let her baby go. Even though he's in some pretty serious trouble, is failing multiple classes, won't listen to her and scores of other things I won't talk about here.

All the work, all the effort, all the willingness to uproot our entire lives. All the time, all the planning, all the angst. For nothing.

I am caught somewhere between relief (because life will stay sane and relatively care-free) and angry (because this ISN'T what is best for Kid A and we ALL know it). I am mad that we got jerked around. I am mad that I know she will do this again when things get rough. And I am mad I wasted all that time. I am mad that we somehow still get the bad guy moniker even though we were willing to change everything for him. Because we were going to be strict, have rules, BE PARENTS.

Mostly, I am over this dysfunctional, overly dramatic, short-sighted, selfish, manipulative, fair-weathered off-shoot of our family. I hate how much control they exert over our lives, I hate how we always end up jumping through their hoops, and how we will always do it- because a child shouldn't get lost in the shuffle of principles and defiance.

So yeah, never mind all that stuff about Kid A and being a mom and reinventing our family, our home and our lifestyle. Sorry to have bothered you with it all. I suppose I should have known better...


So, this weekend we have stuff planned! With other Army couples! Like, hanging out and BBQs and going to lunch! HOORAY!

And in case you were wondering, yes, I am totally welcoming the distraction from thinking about wether or not I'm going to be a failure as a parent and precisely how we are going to get Kid A back on track. But I digress.

Yes, Army Friends! In all this time I've been with Swiss, our living apart hasn't really helped us foster Army Friends. Sure, we went to social functions with co-workers, sure we stopped by his ROTC boss' house for a beer or two now and again... but we really haven't been able to cultivate the kind of friends who you have BBQs with and hang out with regularly. Finally, we have.

I find this process, the one of finding folks you want to hang out with outside of work, to be utterly fascinating. We've all heard of (or maybe lived) the horror stories of folks that seem cool but are actually crazy and then won't leave you alone and you have to sneak around just to hang out with other people. Not fun. And, I think, when you get older and have your friends established, it makes it harder to reshuffle and make room for someone new... especially when the ones you have are already so amazing. Am I wrong?

I've also found it interesting that the hubs has asked me why I'm so hesitant to make friends here, and instead choose to rely on my old (I say that lovingly and with no implication of age) friends and internet buddies for banter, consolation, and general discussion. My response to him was twofold: First, I've always been- in my natural state- one of the girls who doesn't have a TON of friends. I have superficial acquaintances, a couple of friends, and just a small handful of folks who reside in my inner circle. So I never have had the huge drive to be Miss Popularity and be doing coffees and lunch dates and what-have-you with just anyone. I already have the awesomest friends, thankyouverymuch. Second, cultivating friendships is HARD. It takes time and it is a delicate process to navigate. With my old friend and my internet buddies, it is just EASIER. We've already done that stuff- so we can get on with the fun stuff like a night of pedicures, Indian Food and movies (Hi Shari!), or a day at the pool with the kids and a BBQ on the new deck (Hi Emily!), or hanging out on the kitchen counter or deck drinking wine and eating cheese laughing at how awesome her kids are (Hi Val!) or watching copious amounts of basketball while eating Chipotle after a day of shopping for new shoes, a new kitchen and David Bromstad approved lighting fixtures (Hi Beth! MISS YOU!!!).

Also, the beauty of the internet friendships I've built over the past few years, is that all that awkward stuff has already been covered. We've gotten to know one another over time, we've shared incredibly stories via blogs or networks, we've become a part of each other's lives. So now, when we do actually get to hang out in real life, it's like we skipped dates 1-7 and are already comfortable hanging out. (Thanks Amy, for that super analogy, and yes, hanging out with you was totally like date 8, so glad we did it!) This is why I never had any hesitation when a few internet MilSpouses wanted to get together for a weekend, I already felt like I knew them. And this is how I was able to add another amazing, talented, wonderful gal into my inner circle of bestest friends (Hi Brittany! Love ya!) But, again, I digress.

The point is, making new friends at new posts isn't ever easy. It isn't easy to identify the folks that you think you will want to hang out with. It isn't always easy to gauge how interested those folks are in making new friends or welcoming a new couple into the fold. There is a certain leap of faith you must make, a certain amount of risk you accept, and hopefully after a night of BBQ and beers and the Pioneer Woman's BBQ jalapeno poppers (my contribution to the night's festivities), you are still willing to spend a few hours of your weekend with these folks. And, if a good friend is the end result? Those risks are well worth it.

So, here's to new friends and making the best of a PCS. And to BBQ. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

29 April 2010

Now, for the fun part of getting a 15 year old.

Redecorating!!! *snort*

Of course this isn't the only part that will be fun... but it is a big deal to me for Kid A to come down here to a HOME. Not just a spare room with spare stuff dressed up a his new room. I want it to be his, to be cool, to be welcoming, and most importantly to make him feel like he is wanted here. I know bedspreads and lamps won't do that alone, but I know no one has really done something like this for him before, so I'm hoping it goes a long way to helping him settle in and feel like he is a part of our family.

So, with that, I have pulled together some ideas from my ever loved IKEA that I think say "Welcome Teenage Boy!" as well as giving it a dose of cool, modern, funky style that a midwestern teenager who is ALL about skating might not be adverse to. Also, they all come in at right around $100. Score!

What? I am a stay at home wife. I spend waaaaaay too much time on the internet because I am bored and as Beth can attest, these idea boards are pretty much par for the course with me. I had 12 for my house when I bought it and 5 for our wedding. I'm visual folks. Can't be helped.

Aaaaanyway, here are the three ideas I have. The kids loves black. I get that, but also, he needs to be introduced to my best friend Roy G Biv. So I tried to put in shots of color and, hopefully, avoid a room that is just a pit of black dispair. Also, he could used some culture/exposure to new things and I'm hoping to help him see that there are cool things in the world that aren't made by DG and Vans and whatever else the skater kids are wearing these days.

So, without further adieu, here are the 3 rooms I've come up with. I hear some of your shouts that he should get to choose his room and theoretically I agree with you, but I really, really want him to walk in the door when we bring him home to a fully furnished, decorated, kick-ass room. Sue me.

First, choice A. This is the blackest room but I am totally in love with the map of NYC and that the duvet cover works with the blue pillows and red accents to be graphic and hip and sorta skater-y all at the same time.

Second choice B. I heart this duvet and it reminds me of a hoodie I bought him for Christmas and he loved. Still graphic and hip but a lot more color and a lot more pattern. Also, I love green and orange together, don't you?

Last but not least, choice C. This one is a bit safer, the duvet is pretty tame and the colors all come from the numbery print at the bottom. I think this one would work well but isn't quite as hip as I would like. Because it is all about me, right?

Okay, so now I need your votes. PLEASE! Pick A, B, or C and maybe throw in your 2nd choice too for good measure. Or any suggestions you have for mixing up the choices, that would be awesomesauce too. Remember: 15 year old midwestern skater kid who loves black and angsty teen metal music but who will also sing along to Viva la Vida by Coldplay when in the car with me.


28 April 2010

Buckle up kids, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

So, based on the phone calls that have been going on in the past few days, I'm about 99.8% sure Kid A will be residing with us by the 4th of July. (Why the 4th of July you ask? Well, he has to do summer school since he's all but failed math already.) Honestly, my mind is reeling. The screenplay for what is going on in my head would read something like this:

Tucker ( alternately pacing around the house and blogging while eating chocolate and sneaking sips of a Makers Mark & Diet Coke):

Oh my God. I'm not old enough to have a 15 year old. Shit.
I mean, most days we can barely keep our acts together, and now we're responsible for this kid who needs so much help and direction and... OH MY GOD THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD!
I'm going to have to hide the liquor. Which sucks because it was so convenient in our cute little bar. Boo.
And no more loud sex (was that TMI?). And no more running around the house in underwear or a towel. Must get a new robe.
Oh, crap. Homework. I thought I finished that 10 years ago. And Math. Ugh. We need to get him a tutor.
But hey, I'll have someone to play Guitar Hero with! And he is a good egg with a great sense of humor.
Oh Lord, I forgot about the hygiene. What is it with teenage boys that make them so adverse to smelling good and not having fungus growing in their teeth? I don't wanna argue about toothbrushing. Really, really.
But, I do get to go to IKEA to pick out some nice stuff to make his room feel homey because that is important and I want him to know that he has a home and we care and he isn't an inconvenience.
Even though he really is.
God, please don't strike me down with lightening for that last one. I'm just being honest. I promise I'll never do anything to make him think that. Promise.
*Sigh* And then there will be the joys of the balancing act between Swiss who, though I love and adore him, tends to take the more militaristic parenting stance (that's how he was raised after all) and me who is more talk-and-hug-it-out. Gah. We aren't even on the same parenting style page. That isn't good.
Oh yeah, I'll get to start up my own shuttle company. Because he ain't getting to drive until he proves we can trust him.
But he gives great hugs and it means the world to me when he tells me he loves me or calls me Mom (which is a TOTAL trip, BTW) and when he talks to his Dad and asks how I am doing.
Though Fletcher is going lurve him. Oh good Lord, those two could seriously burn each other out. That is a good thing on two fronts.
And it would be fun to watch him play football or soccer and root from the stands, watch him go to prom, graduate... I cannot possibly imagine how incredible it will feel when he finally comes around and turns into the human being I (we) always knew he could be.
But mostly, am I ready for this?

Tucker then collapses on the sofa clutching her chocolate and drink, losing herself in hours of HGTV/Food Network to quiet her mind.

End scene.

So yes, this is going to be a monstrous change. Obvs Swiss and I have a metric TON to talk about, house rules to set, expectations of one another, signs we can use to let each other know when they need to re-evaulate, a house to teen-proof, the list goes on. Plus there will be multiple trips back home to get everything taken care of. And there goes the trip we had planned to Banff this summer. But then again, I guess this isn't all about me and us anymore.

Wow. This insta-family business is sort of overwhelming.

26 April 2010

What it means to be a MilSpouse.

Here's the thing... there are times I identify SO strongly with fellow MilSpouses, I mean, we are all going through the same thing and we are united by our spouse's service and we sacrifice for our country and for people we'll never meet, we struggle with the same issues and we battle deployment gremlins of all sorts together- sometimes side-by-side. But there are also times when I feel more like we are a band of ships passing in the night. Sometimes I feel distant, sometimes I get caught up in envy or snark, sometimes I just don't feel like I'm one of the crowd. Those times, I feel like an outsider. Of course all of the things I listed above still hold true, but each of our experiences are so incredibly, amazingly unique... we are cut from different cloths, we are assigned to different units, different FRG's (or what-have-you), we cope differently, we react differently, we reintegrate differently... we are fingerprints. We are united because we all have them, but we are inherently different. No two MilSpouses are the same. So how united can we really be?

This is both the best thing about MilSpouses and the most difficult thing, for me.

I read other blogs, meet other spouses, hear the tales, and am struck by how astoundingly different our experiences are. And sometimes I get jealous. Sometimes I feel inadequate. Others I am knocked on my heels because the power this military life has over every aspect of our futures. Sometimes I get angry at how flippant and horrible some MilSpouses can be. I can get angry when all they do is blame the military for their woes or don't have to endure deployments. I can get venomously green with jealousy of those who "only" have to deploy to Haiti or get their deployments cut short, find themselves on Rear D or assigned to non-deploying units. I can get sad because life isn't fair already and losing your 20-something husband to a war we may never win makes it infinitely and unfairly harder. And sometimes I feel the weight of guilt because my husband came home, because his deployment (this time) was easy and relatively safe and we got to talk almost nightly. Other times I can't believe that this is the life we are leading (albeit for only a few more months now). And every once in a while, I feel like I can't relate to most any MilSpouses... I feel like a fish out of water who is only here because life has a sick sense of humor and thinks it is funny that I am a stay a home Army wife with no job, no friends (at Fort X), and no life. And then I realize that there are probably a lot of MilSpouses who feel all of these things sometimes too.

Full circle, right?

I'm not sure what my point is. Maybe that being a MilSpouse isn't a static thing, nor does it have any definition beyond being married into the military, which I think is much less dramatic and technical that we'd all like to think. Technically speaking, you get to wave the MilSpouse flag if you are the FRG Leader, the Base Commander's Wife, the newbie PFC's wife, or the skanky slut-bag who is out scheming and spending and cheating during deployments. Frankly, I don't like it (mostly because that means I share something with Swiss' ex-wife, and I'd rather not), but it is true... there is no formal code of conduct, we aren't held to a standard like our spouses are, we don't get Article 15's when we mess up. We just are. A tribe of spouses under the great big flag of the DoD no matter how we act, how we get by, what our spouses do, or how horrible a deployment may be... and we are united wether our spouses come home or not... we are united wether they deploy or not, wether they are heroes or not, wether they are Generals or Privates or retired.

Maybe that's the point. We aren't all supposed to experience the same things, maybe that makes our network and our bond stronger... we can pull from each other's experiences without having to live them ourselves. Maybe the point is that any one of us can read blogs like hers and get the perspective we might need, that we can remember how this experience is bigger than just our own. That we can experience all (mostly) aspects of MilSpouse life without living it. We can know the warning signs and struggles of reintegration even if ours went smoothly. We can try to understand the difficulty of being pregnant or a single mom during a deployment or having a wounded husband, we can learn about struggles with education goals, employment, identity, relocation, solitude, understanding (or lack thereof), family, finances, you name it without experiencing them ourselves. And even better, if we are experiencing these things first-hand, we have a shoulder, an understanding glance, a kind comment, a touchstone, to help us through.

All because we are MilSpouses, together, for better or worse.

22 April 2010

Like, whoa.

So sometimes it take a minute or two (and by minute I mean day) for things to really sink in with me. This is usually why I come up with perfectly witty and cutting come-backs about 24 hours after the fact. I'm not slow... it just takes a bit for me to process the things I didn't see coming. But I digress.

Its the Kid A thing that is finally sinking in. Of course it still isn't set in stone... not even close for that matter... but I just realized how awesome (awesome as in holy-hell) of an effect this will have on our life and our choices. I mean, now we have to pick a house because it is in a good school district, not because we just love it. We have to take school commutes into account. We have to up the requirements on a house from 3 bedrooms to 4... plus another bathroom because teenage boys are gross (I say that with love and utter honesty). We have to think about getting a beater car for when he gets his license. And the skyrocketing insurance costs. We have to worry about girlfriends and god-forbid him knocking someone up. We have to consider all this other stuff now... not to mention the mind-numbing responsibility of moulding him into an adult we can all be proud of.

And to be honest? I'm not sure how I feel about it. Overwhelmed? Scared? Intimidated? A teensey bit annoyed (that is the selfish only child coming out)?

Of course we will do the right thing and make our choices with him and his needs in mind. But you know, I was really digging the idea of living in a remote corner of town with quiet and solitude and a cozy house that was all serene and quiet and usually looking pulled-together and lovely. I'm no fool- that picture doesn't meld well with a teenage boy and all raising a kid entails. I have no doubt that we will find the happy medium that will work for all of us. But wow... this change is going to be (if it ever happens) one of those moments in life where everything changes. Life will be defined, at least until he graduates, in terms of BKA and AKA. You know, before Kid A and after Kid A. le sigh.

Anyway, as you can tell I'm relatively pre-occupied with this newest development in our life. We are still on vacation visiting family and I am SO ready to get home to our own bed and I'll even admit that I miss Fort X a little bit. But for tonight, I get to see a dear friend and catch up over wine and watch our husbands bond over marrying such weird women.

21 April 2010


Swiss got a call from his ex the other day. That usually isn't a good thing, in fact, it is usually a miserable, horrible, no-good, very bad thing. But, against all odds, it was a 'good' phone call. One I never thought we would get...

She told us (him) that she thought Kid A might be better off with us.    *gasp*

This is very different from the previous calls in regards to this matter... those were more of the "I can't handle this anymore- you take him, I don't want him" type. This was genuine concern for how he is going to grow up and that troubles that he might find (or might have already found). A recognition that where he's at might not be the best place for him and that we might be able to offer him something she and her fiance can't. Not better or worse, just different. And maybe all Kid A really needs is a big fat dose of something different (with a large helping of rules to boot).

Now, all of this must be taken with grains of salt the size of your head. Things change quickly with this cast of characters and we thought it best for Kid A to finish out the school year where he is at so that means there is time for moods to change and opinions to reverse. And there are the mountains of legal documents and court dates that will inevitably come, so this isn't something that can (or should) happen over night. There are conversations about HOW this will happen and when and laying out ground rules for everyone involved. It will take a bit of time before all the dust settles on this newest chapter.

And can I just tell you how glad I am we have a few months to figure this out? I mean, talk about a change in lifestyle for us. WOW. Now, please don't take that statement to mean that I'm all self-centered and thinking this is all about me and Swiss. It isn't. It is about Kid A and doing what is best for him at this, arguably, most critical junction in his life. But going from newlywed/newly reunited love-birds living in our own little insulated bubble populated with only our dog and the TV/Internet to responsible parents doing homework and going to soccer games and hosting teenage boys at the house for Guitar Hero or whatever they play now hang outs. Goo! THAT is a huge change no matter which way you slice it.

I am part giddy and part angsty and nervous. Kid A and I have a great relationship and I am excited about the prospect of Swiss and I getting him squared away and helping him get on track. Part of me hopes that a few years with us will save everyone with a stake in this a lot of drama and heartache down the road. But I am scared. Because there will be fights and we will get to be the bad guys and there will be hours of homework and snooping to ensure he isn't lying and- yeah. Wow. A totally different lifestyle.

But like I said, we are a few months away from all this and, again, there is a huge possibility that all of this will fall through. But I find myself thinking where will his room be?, will he like the weird things I cook?, how will we get him to school in the morning?, which school will he go to?, how will he like living on a military post?, and how long will it be bad before it gets better? But, mostly, I find myself wondering if I will be able to be a good mom. I just hope the answer is yes.

09 April 2010


ZOMG. So excited!!! Can you hear me "Squeeeeeee!"-ing? Oh, you must watch this trailer if you like SATC even the teensiest amount. And the bit right at the end??? *GASP!* You will see who shows up and then you will freak the heck out like I did. You know, only if you care about this stuff. AND I DO!!!

And anyone who needs a movie buddy to go see this (ahem, not that I am talking about myself AT ALL) just let me know! :) Woot!

My bad.

Ugh- so I promise I haven't gone AWOL. I mean, there are 4 unfinished blog posts in my queue as I type this. Somehow none of them ever got finished... some were too personal, some were too bitchy (re: family), and some I just couldn't get off the ground. Ah well, it happens to all of us I suppose!

Things here have been a not-so-wonderful shade of dramarific... things are swell with Swiss & I, but there have been family issues that have been of the "push my buttons" sort. But -I think- we have worked them all out and we leave tomorrow on a 2-ish week road trip of the south-eastern nether-regions of our country.  There will be beaches, the consumption of seafood and a couple of stops in places I've never been before (New Orleans! Charleston! Memphis!), as well as a few I've known and loved before (Pensacola! Savannah! The Smokey Mountains! Nashville!). I'm looking forward to getting away with the husband and the puppy and spend some time with his family. It will be interesting for sure.

And a side note to our trip and any future pet-assisted trips you might be planning: DO NOT let your more by-the-seat-of-your-pants travel planning hubby (even if he has been suspiciously successful with this method in the past) lovingly shame you out of planning 3+ weeks ahead. YOU HAVE NO IDEA how hard it was to find a hotel in some cities that a) took dogs and b) weren't already booked or ridonkulously expensive. Anal-retentitive always wins in these cases. ALWAYS. And you can cite me on that!

Otherwise we've been moving along on the USS Reintegration. Sure, we have our small hiccups, but mostly things have been good. We talk, we have our few spats, and then we are back to normal. It is swell. Though it has been an adjustment (as I knew it would) from the blissful, bicker-free existence we had post-wedding/honeymoon and pre-deployment. I think that, more than anything, has been the readjustment for us... in a good way. We are normal and we aren't living in a fairy tale (close, though!) and we have normal couple things to work through. Happily, the most stressful part of our relationship is when Fletcher wants/needs to get up every morning and neither of us want to do it. And that ain't too shabby!

Today we got to spend the day at the nice outdoor recreation area on post for a Battalion Organizational Day. Rumor has it there will be a mechanical bull and free food. Now, if there was free beer I would easily be able to say our 'work' Friday is better than yours. Followed with a "nana-nana-boo-boo!" because deep down I'm an 8 year old. But I digress. Sometimes it still trips me out, living on post... yesterday I dropped Swiss off (and picked him up) at a Dining In event and 4 times drove past a unit getting combat equipment handed out to them. I forget that even though Swiss's unit is home, other units are still leaving nearly daily. I forget that there are spouses here gearing up for what we just finished. I hate that I forget that. I hate how insular life can be even on an Army post. You know... it isn't our unit...

But I will write more about that later. Perhaps from a beach somewhere in South Carolina? I have loads I want to say, I just need to get myself in the right head-space to do it. Anyway, there's your update and a real-live blog post not advocating the culling of dumb Americans. Happy Friday Everyone! :)

02 April 2010

Oh, America.

What are we going to do with you? Come to think of it, what are we going to do with this whole damned planet?

Now, before I launch into what will surely be an incendiary and contentious blog post (especially since I'm generally Liberal Lite in my circle of blogger peeps, or as I prefer to be known, the Gateway Drug of Liberal MilSpouses), I must give you context. So here it is: Swiss and I have, lately, been discussing at length the environmental, population, water, etc issues plaguing our planet- spurred on by the latest water-centric issue of National Geographic, the Life series on Discovery, and -oddly enough- Superfreakonomics by Stephen Levitt (a must read for sure)... not to mention my 4 years getting all geeked up about ecosystems and global warming and keystone species while in college (Viva Bel-wah!).

So, there have been discussions in the Tucker & Swiss household about how to save the polar bears and what to do in order to slow the increased rate of climate change (Yes, we can debate the whys, ifs, hows, and wheres of global warming for sure- but let's save that for another date, okay? And read Superfreakonomics as homework before we do.) and what/who should bear the burden of making it right. We discussed the culling of deer populations when they get 'undesirably' large and then (over wine, natch) segued into China's regulation of procreation and naturally (some would say) took that to culling people from all walks of life- Not Swiss and I of course! Nor you, dear readers!- in order to get the 'undesirably' large human population under control. Of course this is morally repugnant, but it is also a fair point. Deer and polar bears haven't done anything to make the world the way it currently is- we humans have. So- ergo- we should be the ones to pay. And of course we never will because we run the world with bleeding hearts for all humankind and with policies generally geared toward only looking out for our own human race.

But--- in my sick, twisted, mad scientist mind, I started to think about who we would cull. Sick, I know. But really- who? What countries? What proportions? Would there be criteria? Ah, but then I stumbled upon this article somewhere on Facebook and lo-and-behold I found who we should be culling. Take a minute and read the article... especially the part at the end... I will wait.

Done yet?               Okay.

Yes, THOSE are the people we should be culling. Sorry. I know it is crass to say- but... REALLY? I want to know WHY you wouldn't want to get the person who wrote this gem (in reference to the Bible) out of the gene pool: "These apostles need to get a clue and hire a ghost writer. Even Miley Cyrus's manager was smart enough to do that." I am stupefied and insulted... and I'm not even that religious! Or what about the people who criticize the writing style in The Diary of Anne Frank... uh- sorry to break it to y'all- she was a little girl, being hidden from Nazis in an attic writing in her diary. IN REAL LIFE. And the ones who chastise (admittedly, my favorite book) To Kill a Mockingbird as "Simply put, this is a novel about racism written for people who received their knowledge about racism from this book!" Wha? That didn't even make sense... and one tiny little thing... I would encourage you to remember that this book was written in the 60's. Not 2010. So it really was a bigfuckingdeal back in its day- and THAT is why it is a classic.

But this one tickles my scientific heart to no end. On Darwin's The Origin of Species "This book is a very interesting work of fiction. Its too bad that so many people take it seriously, though. Darwin had a great imagination, but with no scientific evidence to support it, its just a fable. I can't believe people are so gullible as to believe the things written in here. I'm judging it as a work of fiction. Its imaginative, but its lacking. One star." I would argue, that this individual should perhaps stop by his local library and read every science text written, then read this article about the (notoriously anti-evolution) Vatican. Fable my ass, Homeslice. And then I would encourage this person to get on the evolutionary-Darwinian train and ride it all the way into extinction.

See, these are the people that suck the life out of my faith in humanity and the power of human intelligence. These are the folks who, against all odds, still survive- nee, thrive- in this world despite their alarming lack of mental fortitude and intellect. And, sadly, I would counter that folks like these ain't making any situation we, as a world, find ourselves in any better. Because if you sit down to read Charlotte's Web and come away with this "Even as a child I found the plot very far-fetched. It is because of this horrid book that I eat sausage every morning and tell my dad to kill every spider I see. It is a traumatic, coma-enducing story that has changed my life forever. In conclusion I feel no one should be put through such torture and this book should be banned from every school, library, and bookstore in the Milky Way."? Well, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't prefer it if you stopped using up all the oxygen and drinking all the water and slowly killing off those cuddly (not really) polar bears, thankyouverymuch.

So, sadly, yes... indeed these fabled 1 star reviews do leave me, as the article's author Jeanette DeMain said they would, "profoundly disheartened and pessimistic about the continued existence of humankind."...and more and more in favor of some good old fashioned culling. Evil, I know. But its the less threatening brand of evil that is just a teensey bit endearing... right???

No Way!

Okay- this one will be a quickie because I'm applying for jobs like insane this morning. I just want to thank all 5 of you who voted for me on the MilBloggies. I feel so loved! Should any of you want to toss in another nomination you can go here: vote for me! :) I'm not gunning for the top (that should go to LeftFace IMHO: VOTE FOR LEFTFACE HERE!) so mostly I wanted to say thanks to those of you who have already voted for me! THANKS YOU!!!

And while you are there take a look around and nominate some of the other super cool MilSpouse blogs out there: My Army Wife Life, Proud Liberal Army Wife and there are a bunch more, but check it out for yourself and toss us some nominations!

01 April 2010

What do you mean we get to choose?

Yes, the job applications are flying around our house like mad and it is raining resumes. Swiss is having A LOT more luck finding suitable jobs to apply for, but I'm doing my best to think outside the box... you wouldn't believe some of the jobs I am applying for! But the ancillary issue to all of this applying and submitting is choosing where to live. Goo- what a decision!

Yes- we get to choose. And not from a list of 4 Army-approved options. We are part HALLELUJAH! and part Holy Hell, we live in a HUGE country... how are we going to do this? It is great to have this much control over our lives, but it is also so very strange to think about moving someplace new, randomly (sorta) picking places that we think would be great to live in. Also, we are used to these military moves which are all pretty non-threatening: You know you have a built in support system, you know there will be a swell commissary, a job, a PX, and mostly, you are comforted by the tidy little bubble that living on Post affords you. It is a known entity, it is easy to adjust to, and really, how different can it be from the last Post you were stationed at?

But man, the real world is scary. There are towns that seem great but aren't all they are cracked up to be- and of course we won't know that until we accept jobs and move there. Fah. There are town that we might dismiss but are really pretty great but we will never know because they look funny on the maps in the atlas. There are towns/cities close to the ones we love, there are ones on either coast. There are big ones and tiny ones and Mormon ones and Hippie ones and Southern ones and Conservatives ones (Liberal ones too).

It all feels so arbitrary- looking at an atlas, Wikipedia, city/town web sites, flickr photos, whatever we can find to somehow determine wether or not it would be a good place to settle down. Without actually going there. Of course there will be the (hopefully) interviews wherein we would actually get to be Boots on the Ground in the cities on the list. But right now, as we shuffle through lists of cities with open jobs... it feels more like a bad game of drunken pin the tail on the donkey. And you know that never ends well.

Anyway, I just think it is so funny that way back when I was a single lady (yeah, you've got the song in your head now too- bonus points if you do the dance!) a prospect like this was exhillerating.... now, when two of us have to find jobs and we have a family (wow- when did that happen?) to think about, a dog who needs a big yard, a lifestyle that doesn't romanticize schmancy apartment loft living, insane commutes or ridiculous work hours... I find it intimidating and exhausting.

I know there is time yet, and going in for interviews will give us a chance to really get the vibe of the towns/cities. That will make all the difference in the world... but when a job posting with 18 different cities you think you would like makes you narrow it down to 4? Bring me some more wine!!!