30 October 2008

Army Wife I am.

Hello Internets!!!

I am back... the honeymoon was lovely and I am officially an Army Wife now. The PCS is looming (read 5 days away) and our time together is getting short. This I do not like. I am prone to bouts of tears when I think about not being able to curl up next to him at night, etc, etc. But I am trying to focus on the positive (the wedding was great... things with us are wonderful) and not dwell on the twee details the Army's plans for him.

Right now, our biggest problem is 8th grade algebra. Yes, 8th grade. I suck at math. Swiss Jr. brought home 20+ algebra problems and our attempts to help just gave us shocking proof how quickly this stuff leaves you when you don't need it for a test next week!

Anyway, I hope all is well with you all and I'm glad to be back! Take care and any algebra-related tips would be greatly appreciated! :)


Linda said...

Welcome new milspouse! You are now OFFICIAL! Get ready to have fun.

Anonymous said...

*Squee* Congrats and thanks for letting us know all is well.

Wishing I could help with the Algebra, but, sister, math ain't my gig.

Good luck with the PCS.

Butterfly Wife said...

Congratulations. Good luck with the move.