22 June 2010

Art classes, World Cup, Morons and Onions.

My apologies, I am going to subject you all to more randomness. I'm afraid it can't be helped with the current state of my mind...

First off, I am SUPER geeked because I'm starting oil painting classes here on Thursday. I've been wanting to do this ever since we moved down here and a new studio opened up just minutes from the house. And they give military discounts. So excited I could tinkle. But I won't.

Second, I'm totally entranced by the World Cup. I mean, SO much  more fun than all the other "World Championships" that are really only American teams. Also, I love the Spanish team and have a crush on Lionel Messi. I want to carry him around in my pocket. I know, weird.

Third- WTF General McChrystal? I am sure this topic warrants further delving into, more time and many more words. But I couldn't get past the first 2 pages of the terribly indulgent article. I mean, first off, the man admits that Talladega Nights is his favorite move and that Bud Light Lime is his favorite beer? Double WTF. But more importantly, what the hell does this say about our leadership in this war? Would I be lying if I said it didn't make me cringe that he is leading the troops over there with that massive dick-swinging attitude of his? Yep. I've even heard rumors that the only reason he took that job (he was considering retiring when the President offered him this position) was to eventually f*ck over the administration. Now, that might be way out of line... but then again, after some of the choice quotes from this article? Might not be all that far off. Suffice it to say, I'm dissapointed, disgusted, and my eyes haven't yet rolled forward from the back of my head. Do better man. Do effing better. And... it would serve you right if you got your own ass fired.

Lastly, the hubs has invited some of the guys he works with over for lunch next week. He does this lots. Partly because he wants me to meet these folks, and partly (his own admission) to brag up my cooking skills. Aside from making me feel like a culinary rock star, it poses some challenges when the lunch guests have food-based issues. I, for one, have no food based issues. If it tastes good, I'll eat it. Except baby cows and organ meats. But, one of the guys for next week? No onions. Whaaaaa??? Dude, I put onions in like everything. Really, every lunch recipe I make has onions in it. So now I have to make "special" guacamole and "special" salsa with no onions in it (sacrilegious if you ask me) and chop up extras for the normal folk. I think I am just sort of shocked by the sheer number of weird food issues that are out there... am I hopelessly out of touch thinking that most people will eat generally anything???

Okay, that is all. But really, this weekend you should all consider going to see Get Him to the Greek. I'm still laughing about it two days later...


Rachelle said...

I think there are fewer of us don't-care-ivores than we think. For me, it's no insects, no organs, and no feet, otherwise, bring it on.

I work in an office chock full of will-not-ivores. No onions, no garlic (what???) no gluten, no meat (not even bacon!!) no processed sugar. Try making snacks for THAT crowd - it's basically rice crackers and bowls of grapes.

Tucker said...

Oh Rachelle- that sounds HORRIBLE! NO BACON? That is just plain madness!!! I never understood the no garlic thing... I mean, garlic is in everything. I sometimes think these folks just THINK they don't like something... know what I mean. Anyway, may the force be with you next time you have to make snacks for that crowd!!!

lola said...

I don't know that I'd believe the whole thing about him effing over the administration. He voted for Obama. Doesn't seem to add up, personally.

I've always really liked the dude, but then again, I've also always had a huge amount of respect for the JSOC community, and that's kind of how they roll. It hasn't ever been a secret that his aides have been hard core and loyal to his way of doing things.

One thing I'm disappointed about with all this coverage is the lack of attention to his genuine care for the troops, his time with them on the front lines, and his shunning of the entourage that many higher ups use. Personally, I think it's kind of refreshing.

With all of that said, he does/should have known better. In having all of this come out this way dilutes the point of his message. Having reached a certain level of the military, a certain amount of decorum and respect is demanded and he's clearly failed in that aspect. I think another huge mistake is that he allowed the reporter so much access. I know many guys who say ridiculous things (drinking, or not), but are much more careful when a reporter is around. That was just plain stupid.

I don't know where I'm going with all of this, so I guess that's it. I have email linked to blogger, so you can reply there if you see fit! :)