17 March 2010

Bracket Buster Bob.

TOMORROW! WOOT!!!! It starts... the hoops, the dreams, the Cinderella teams, the mascots, the MADNESS! Oh sweet, sweet March Madness. You are, by far, my most favoritest sporting event ever. I mean, really- what tops this? (IMHO BTW the awesomesauceness of the Olympics and World Cup are artificially inflated because they are only contested every 4 years. NOT FAIR.) Anything that tops the Sports Sundae with a cherry like Luther Vandross and a stirring sports montage One Shining Moment (Note that I chose the 2008 version. Why? Because my favorite team Kansas won that year... Rock Chalk folks!) always wins Best in Show.

Anyway, soon it will be time for our favorite obscure family member, known as Bracket Buster Bob (which is usually my father calling to goad me about some ridiculous upset or out of the blue win in a funny voice that always reduces me to giggles), to make his appearance. This year, the Tucker and Swiss household will be holding our own little bracket challenge. It is Swiss's first. Yep. He's a bracket virgin. Can you believe it? Anywhoodles, our rules are these: One point per correct winner with a bonus 5 point bump for picking the overall Champion. Keepin' it simple. To the winner go the spoils of a year's worth of bragging and telling everyone we know who is the Sports Boss in the house. (Side bet of $10 on me FTW. Anyone taking?)

Here are our brackets... feel free to chortle, snicker, point and laugh or applaud at your own discretion.
Swiss: The Virginal Bracket.

Tucker: The Bracket of Truth.

Just promise me this, Dear Readers: Don't be that Bracket Guy.  You know, the one who enters 13 brackets into the office pool that would normally only have 28 brackets in it? Pick one. Maybe two. But just don't be THAT GUY. No one likes him anyway.

Now, LET THE MADNESS BEGIN! Cinderella is all ready for the Ball... are you?

PS Update: My cousin's son Jackson is doing much better. He isn't out of the woods and is stilL intubated and on dialysis- but his condition is improving and we are all super grateful. Thanks for the good juju everyone!


J.L.S. said...

Boo! Picking Wisconsin over my Alma Mater! :) Just you wait... those Terriers are going to put a fight!

Tucker said...

Aww- Sorry! I'm a 'Sconnie girl born & bred so I can't help but pick my Badgers. Loyalty is one of my best/worst traits! But go Terriers! Congrats on making it into the Tourney!