19 October 2010


So, I think the best thing I've discovered on the internet in my 8-ish months of Stay At Home Wifery is a site called Pinterest. You have to register and wait to be sent your notification that you've been added... but TOTES worth the wait. Okay, let me clarify that... if you are at all visual and like to have collections of magazine clippings and files on your desktop of awesome images you found on the web... Pinterest is totes worth the wait. Otherwise? I'd guess not so much. But it is a great way to collect images if you are planning any home improvement projects or need craft ideas or whatever... I'm a fan.

In any event, this is what the place looks like...

It is essentially an online idea board (or boards, you can make as many as you like)... you can post your own images, images you've found... and you can peek at what everyone else is pinning. Srsly, I can't tell you how many images I already have pinned for our future home (Beth, you are totally smirking now, aren't you?). But anyway, it is super cool and I've found hundreds of amazing things there and I figured why not share it with you, dear, lovely readers.

So, happy Pinning dear readers and I hope it comes in handy for some of you! That's all!


Anonymous said...


And please keep blogging after you're a retired Army wife! And FYI.. your anniversary post totally brought tears to my eyes. SO beautiful and articulate.

beka said...

Oooh, that place looks awesome:)