24 November 2010


So, I'll cut to the quick. My sweet boy Fletcher has cancer, it is aggressive and the prognosis, even after surgery, isn't good. It is rare in a dog so young... and I am kicking myself for not doing more earlier, but how was I to know? We thought is was just a goose egg. No one thought it was cancer. No one. I never saw this one coming, and it knocked the wind right out of me. So please pardon me if I cry as I type this.

We do have some options, the most reasonable one involves drastic surgery to cut away all of the tumor and the surrounding areas that likely house other tendrils of tumor. Since it is on his face, it means that he will never look the same. They might even have to remove his eye. But they say dogs don't care how they look, and I know our savvy little guy will adapt well. But still, this has been devastating news.

I am heartbroken. Swiss had to choke back tears as we turned around on the interstate to head back home with the news. My Mom and Dad are just as upset. I am so very very sad. It is just beyond unfair and so sad and a thousand kinds of not right. He doesn't deserve this. He's been nothing but snuggly and sweet and loving and funny and a kind, sweet soul. He's what got me through so many lonely days and nights during the deployment, his constantly wagging tail has always been there to greet us. His antics were always good for a smile and a laugh. He's been so good at overcoming all of the issues his previous horrible owners gave him. He's come leaps and bounds (both literally and figuratively) since we got him, he's turned into such a lovable and wonderful pet. He is such a sweet, affectionate and funny boy and to have this happen to him while he's still so young is unthinkable.

I am alternately angry and crushed. I am angry that this had to happen to him, after having abusive owners who made him afraid of whistles and any loud noises, owners who penned him up in a kennel with no padding leading to a broken toe, owners who somehow couldn't take care of this sweet soul and left him in a kill shelter with a broken tail and a missing tooth. He's been through enough. This is too much. He doesn't deserve this, not by a country mile. I am so upset that his sweet life may be cut drastically short. And I find myself asking the ever-futile question, why? Why did this have to happen to him? Why do affectionate and loving pets get things like cancer, what kind of world is that? Why so young? Why???

I've done nothing but cry since we got the news last night. I feel cheated and sad and devastated. This isn't what you are supposed to be worrying about with a 2 year old dog. He was supposed to grow old and grey with us. Now? We don't know. 1 more year, maybe 2. 4 if we are lucky. And of course I am hoping for the best, but I can't pretend that this isn't as serious as it is. We aren't going to have our sweet boy for nearly as long as we had hoped. And it just isn't fair.

We have chosen to take him up to the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Hospital for surgery (assuming it is possible, blasted Thanksgiving has put a huge wrench in everything) since they have a set of surgeons that specialize in soft tissue and have likely seen this at least a few times before. I'm going to give our boy every last fighting chance I can. And spoil him as rotten as we can.

Please put our little guy in your prayers or whatever and send lots and lots of good ju-ju his way. Lord knows he's going to need it and I can't do it all myself no matter how hard I try.


Hil Fish said...

oh my heart is breaking reading this. i am so sorry. our pets are so important. they crawl into our souls and hold on when we feel we can't. i will keep fletch in my prayers. xoxoxoxoxo

USMCWIFE said...

I am so sorry to read about Fletchers cancer, I almost wish now he did just have a blood tumor like our Shin. Although Shins tumor wasn't cancerous the removal left him with nerve damage to the left side of his face and his left tear duct popped out and he has terrible scars down his fact but to us he is the most beautiful dog in the world. That being said, after the removal it was done and over, no chemo, no cancer. I am not sure if you would have to subject Fletcher to further treatmet after the tumor is removed. I know you will make the best, most humane choice along with your husband for your fur baby. I do know how you love that dog and how he made everything ok in a world for you that wasn't at times. Thats what these pets/furbabies mean to us, love in a world that isn't always loveable. I wish Fletcher a long life if that is what is possible and that all three of you get the most precious gift in the world, time.

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Oh, Tucker. I am so, so sorry. Pet the little man for me. I do hope he still gets the chance to grow grey with you. Hugs.

Bette said...

Oh dear -- I'm so sorry. I believe his indomitable spirit will serve him well through the treatment, though. Here's hoping for the best possible outcome.

liberal army wife said...

oh that poor baby. Give the sweet boy a tummy rub. Hugs to both of you.