28 July 2008


And he is gone again.

Back to the home post. And back to the routine... 5 days away, 2 together. Sigh.

But this TDY has taught me this: No matter how hard it is now... it could always be worse. I used to bawl when Swiss would leave every week. I just hated the thought of a week without him, not coming home to him, not waking up to him. And believe me, I still hate it. But after two months apart, 5 days doesn't seem so bad, no?

My bestest and closest friend, Beth, said this summer was like Spring Training for the Deployment. And she is right. It is never easy to say goodbye, but it does help you gain some perspective and quite frankly help me keep my shit together. (Pardon my French.) Anyway, back to the grind we go.

I am off to gather info for the final Honeymoon plans... Hooray!

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