24 July 2008


With Swiss gone for the last two months on TDY I've been holding things down here at the homestead. There has been wedding planning, honeymoon booking, softball playing, and the like. But I have totally been nesting for the last two weeks. There have been trips to Sherwin-Williams, a massive re-painting effort in the loft upstairs (that seems redundant, no?), a trip to IKEA ( love!), rearranging of furniture, new pictures on the wall... the list goes on. Oh, and I forgot to mention the attempt of moving our entire bedroom upstairs, getting half way moved, and realizing that there is NO way the mattress or box-spring would make it up the stairs. Sad.

And of course none of this is earth-shattering. It's just that I've never "nested" for someone else before. And I like it! I am so excited to have Swiss home, even if it is just for a few hours. Just knowing he is a reasonable drive away rather than an airplane ride makes it all so much better. Anyway, here's to nesting and here's to reunions!

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