19 November 2008


I have a confession to make: My life is being held hostage by the Army. I hear you laughing. I know you've all been here before and it isn't anything new. But it is new to me! Goodness gracious. Talk about not being in control of your own life.

As I mentioned before, my current employer is giving me a large chunk of FMLA time off to be with Swiss before he departs for the Sandbox. And Swiss warned me that everything would happen FAST when he got down to his new post. So I planned and prepared, made lists and packed up my clothes, most of my kitchen goods, and all of my art supplies... got things in order at work, delegated my duties, warned everyone. I was PREPARED! I am an Army wife for crying out loud!

And here I sit.

Luggage and laundry baskets filled with household good are all piled up neatly in the middle of the living room. Folks are already taking over my duties at work.

And still, I sit.

Why? Because there is one piece of paper that I need to get my FMLA leave going. Just one. And we don't have it. Swiss has been on post for over 2 weeks now. Still no paper. Maybe the paper is what is being held hostage?!? Do you think there is a ransom for it? WHATEVER IT IS... I WILL PAY IT!!!

Anyway, I am sitting and waiting, and waiting only somewhat patiently with everything packed up. Waiting for ONE piece of paper. And now the word is it may not come until next week. (And we all know how Holiday weeks go don't we?) Oh heavens. Funny how so much can hinge on one little piece of paper...

Okay. Vent over. Thank you for listening.


RedLegMeg said...

Welcome to the "hurry up and wait" world of the Army! It's been seventeen years for me and I still get myself worked up most everytime! It's frustrating, to say the least...

Tucker said...

Thanks Meg! I am glad someone else gets all worked up over this stuff too! I've also learned that since we are newly married, I need to carry our offical marriage certificate with us everywhere... seems ever individual office needs their own copy... even though I am in DEERS an everything! Phew!