21 November 2008

Hostage no more!


I got the approval from my most fabulous employer BigHospital to start my leave on Monday thanks to an amazing supervisor and some creative thinking. Swiss leaves (in theory) tonight to come get me(!!!). I could not be happier or more excited to get on with this chapter of our lives. I am excited to see what living on post is like... have my own firsts at the commissary and meet other MilSpouses. I am excited to be with Swiss for the longest continual stretch we have ever had. (And I will be honest, I am thrilled to escape the ever tightening grip of the bitter winter that has descended upon us here in the Midwest). So, South I go... on to new adventures and time with my incredible husband.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone- I know I will!

1 comment:

Linda said...

You will NEVER look at a grocery store in the same way again! I can't ever justify spending $6 for a package of chicken when I know for DARNED certain I could get it at the commissary for HALF that price - Commissary shopping is wholesale...that's the best.

PX? meh...take or leave it. Never seem to find good deals or what I want there.

Can't wait to hear what you think of it all!