25 May 2010

A house divided.

Well, not really. We aren't really THAT divided. Only on a few key issues (Democrat vs. Republican is the biggest and causes much gnashing of teeth)... but the one that is currently driving me up the wall to a chorus of nails on blackboards? Planner vs. last-minuter. I would be the planner of the bunch. Sadly, most of Swiss's family falls into the last-minuter category.

For example: We have a family wedding to go to in early June. We knew about the wedding, but only got the invites with the final dates late last week (replete with ambiguous times like 'at sunset'... does that mean the ceremony is precisely at the time for sunset listed in moon-phase charts or is there a more specific time everyone knows about except us?). Ummm, its late May. I'm pretty sure our wedding invites were out like 3 month prior to the event. But I digress. Aside from being given zero information about hotels (its an out-of-towner) and spending a few hours of my day hunting down hotels presumably near the wedding location, I've been desperately trying to find a kennel for Mr. Fletcher.

I'm hoping I can garner some sympathy from the pet-owners out there because this was SO much harder than I thought it would be. We had a perfectly WONDERFUL place for him to be boarded at back in Minnesota and it was always just so easy. Here? Some places only take the dogs out 3 times a day. Others are 100% indoors. One makes you get Bordetella vaccinations every 6 months even though Vets only recommend doing it once a year (and naturally we fall outside the 6 month window). And better yet, I found one that doesn't allow any pick-ups on Saturdays OR Sundays? Wha??? Anyway, I finally tracked down a kennel with their acts together and wouldn't you know it. Already booked up. EFF.

Now, if you recall this post, you know that this isn't a new issue for us, the ongoing battle of planner and fly-by-your-seater. And at least this one wasn't either of our faults. But COME ON. I am currently in a holding pattern that will either get us a pricey individual cottage kennel in the next town up (rather inconvenient as this will have Fletcher in the back seat of the Altima with my MIL and I for at least a half hour, yikes!) or just taking him with us (our hotel is pet friendly) but that just sounds like a horrible idea since it is a wedding and you never know how long this stuff lasts and would involve Fletch in the back seat with my MIL and I for 3 hours. Ugh.

I can honestly say that, coming from a family of planners (to the nth degree often), the lack of planning by the other half of family in your life really is enough to drive you to drink. Do any of you suffer from this affliction? How do you manage and how do you get all your planning in without being the anal-retentive one constantly pestering folks for dates? Or do you just say screw it and pester away? What is the best way to avoid these situations short of demanding dates and lots of stomping of the feet? Okay, well I am off to twiddle my thumbs until the doggie cottage place calls me back. Wish me luck folks!


Hilary Jacobs said...

oh yes yes yes yes yes. 10 days before our wedding celebration I am told about a portopotty at the reception? I mean you couldn't tell me about this 6 months ago? And I have to pay for this horror? Don't even go there with me. I am the planner, he is the cute one. And don't get me started on how difficult it was too get someone to take care of our lizard for the 10 days we will be gone for the wedding celebration. A FUCKING LIZARD. So Tuck I feel your pain. Now I am going to go fill my new perscription of ativan. No joke.

Tucker said...

Oh GOOD LORD Hilary! That is such a mess! And I laughed out loud at your "I am the planner, he is the cute one" comment. You are a riot. And I feel the same way about my hubs! Good luck with that PortaPotty and the lizard. Life can be such a clusterf*ck sometimes!!! Drink lots of wine (or the booze of your choice) and forget the insanity and have a great time at your celebration!!!

Hilary Jacobs said...

He is the cute one, have you seen those dimples? The thing about me being the planner is, usually things go according to plan bc I did the research and it was my ideas. Not that I am a control free, but one of my most favorite three word sentences to come out of the hubs mouth "I don't care." Btw hubs getting on a plane two days early to come out here and give me tlc. He's that awesome, and guess what? The Army okayed it!!!

Hilary Jacobs said...

control freak, that wasn't Fruedian or anything : )

Tucker said...

LOL. Yes, I hear you! But lots of times Swiss *says* he doesn't care but then questions it (lovingly) when it is go time. So I've learned that we are a 90/10 planning operation: I do all the research, the tentative planning, he changes his mind, I do more planning, more researching, he gives the okay, and then I book it. But at least this way I know it is done right!!!

But more importantly: HOORAY! SO glad the hubs is on his way out to you... he is on strict orders to TLC the heck out of you!!! :)