09 May 2010

The perils of the interwebz.

I don't know if I told y'all... but Swiss has redirected his post-Army job finding focus to (mostly) one specific job. It is a job he should be easily able to land and one that has positions all across this great wide nation. Because variety is the spice of life. And choices are like crack to military families, am I right?

Anyway, yes, choices! So many! I spent most of last week researching states, cities, real estate, cost of living indexes, crime rates, city web-sites, high schools, you name it. It was useful information (if not a teensey bit OCD) and helped us narrow down our choices (CRACK!!! We have choices!?!?!?!?! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!). Ahem, sorry. We narrowed down our choices to 8 positions/cities from the current list and now Swiss is in the process of rounding up all the paperwork he needs to apply.

What did I do in the mean time? Why, of course I looked up houses in the cities we chose. Because I'm a SAHW and have nothing better to do. And guess what y'all. I found our dream house. And you know what? Now it is ALL either of us can think about. CURSE YOU INTERWEBZ AND MLS! Honest to goodness, we have been talking about it ever since we saw it, where we would put the couch, what color we would paint the bedroom, if and where we would build an outdoor run for Fletcher replete with doggie door. Yeah, it is sad. Did I mention it sits on well over 50 acres? Did I mention it has a large stream? And a sauna? And an outdoor fireplace? And a guest cabin? Swoon...

Anyway, I mostly want to tell you all to BEWARE of the interwebz. When next you find yourself moving somewhere new... don't go house hunting online until you are sure you are moving there. Otherwise the web will lure you in and poison your mind with picturesque homes in the woods and fireplaces and real estate p0rn. Be strong! Don't be weak like us. RESIST THE TEMPTATION!!!

Otherwise you too will spend your weekends drooling over a house that isn't yours in a state you aren't even sure you are moving to and trying to figure out how to afford it when neither of you have jobs yet. Trust me on this one.


Shannon said...

I've been reading your blog for several months now but have never commented. I gotta say, this post cracked me up! I can completely relate. I was active duty about two years ago and when I got out, my husband and I were elated and overwhelmed. It was exactly how you describe it: "OMG we have choices?!?!" After visiting Denver for 4 days we made a hugely impulsive decision to move here and found ourselves with an awesome house, no jobs, etc. It all worked itself out. (I also had 40 days of leave saved up so that was a huge help with the transition from military to civilian; still had the comfort of the paycheck but not the duty obligations.)

Anyway, something tells me you and your husband have pretty good taste (loved the dreamhouse description -- drool!), so I'm betting an awesome house *somewhere* will materialize! Best of luck and enjoy navigating uncharted waters together!!

*Jenn* said...

Hey I left you a little surprise on my blog!