09 July 2010

Quilted for your comfort.

So I've been a busy sewing bee lately. These quilts are fun to make... something about making something so utilitarian and comforting with you own two hands. In any regard, I think I am getting better, though not 'good' by any measure. In any event, here's the one I just finished...

And here are the projects in the queue...
For my Mom (Christmas)

For my MIL (again, Christmas)

For us (with the fabric I won over at FabricWorm- so lucky and so excited!!!)

For one of my lucky friends who gets preggers with a girl first. Its a stash quilt... make it and keep it til it is needed!
This is the one I am working on pining and quilting now... so yes, off I go to pin until my fingers cramp and quilt until my back aches!


Hil Fish said...

Love them all! Especially the first one with reptile, but please don't get any ideas : )

Anonymous said...

I like the soft colors on that stripey last one (and I don't usually go for soft).

Tucker said...

Thanks gals!

Stitchedincolor- I usually go for bolder colors myself, but this was a jelly roll and there was something about the aqua and orange I couldn't resist! I'm almost done quilting that one, I'll post photos when I am done!