12 July 2010

What a tease!!!

So, happily Swiss nailed his JROTC interview. He did such a great job, the interviewer gave him his information and offered to be a personal reference. And though he said it would take 2 weeks to get his summary/opinion to Cadet Command, he had it there the following day. How's that for Hooah?

All this means that we should know wether or not he is accepted within a month (nothing like government efficiency, right?) and we can start applying to positions. To which we both say Goody Goody Gumdrops! We've been eyeing these positions for so long now, I've done research on every town- from crime rates to real estate to shopping, we've even planned some trips to our theoretical front-runners. (I say theoretical because many of these places we haven't actually been to, they just seem really nice.) For the longest time, there were 5 top locations as far as we were concerned... nice towns, good schools, reasonable home prices, the works... and admittedly, we were already sorta hanging our hats on those places.

And then yesterday, Swiss was reviewing the postings and two of our top 5 are gone. Poof. Vanished into the night. Sad Tucker and Swiss.

Now, in all fairness, none of these places fall into our vision of Utopia, so it isn't really *that* big of a loss... but one of the ones that got filled? It was close. Really close. I was ready to move there tomorrow. Rolling hills, horse farms, sweet little downtown area and a old time neighborhood/community feel... it would have been perfect, or as close at JROTC will let us get to perfect. But alas, not to be. I can officially say that Swiss and I were big time bummed for at least a day. We moped and pouted and lamented the loss of the future we had already started building there. I know, I know... this is what we get for getting our hopes up too soon. Ah well.

So we are sort of back to square one. Recalibrating our top 5 or 10 or whatever... trying to decide if the artificial boundaries as to what regions we would and would not live in are still appropriate (for us) or just silly. I mean, do we really want to live in Alabama or Alaska or Texas (no offense to anyone from these fine states, I just am not sure how adventurous this midwestern gal is when it comes to relocating)? In any event, heres to hoping none of our other top places disappear any time soon- or at least not until we snag one for ourselves! Keep your fingers crossed for us! And Happy Monday everyone!!!


Scatterbrain said...

You might like certain regions of Alabama.. most of this state is a shit hole, but the Huntsville area is nice and so is the Auburn-Opelika area. Birmingham down to Prattville is pretty nice, but a little further South is Montgomery, which is not so nice. Don't know if you guys have any options in this state at all, but thought input from a girl who has lived pretty much all over this state might be helpful :)

Hil Fish said...

I am wishing and hoping that a good spot comes through. I know it will!!! xo

liberal army wife said...

I did that whole, oh look, we can do this, that, the other, and look at this house and that townhouse and and and... only to be sent somewhere else. I'm sure you'll find a great place!