19 August 2008


Swiss has been home for almost a whole week. (Is it sad that a week seems like a blissfully long time?) We went to softball games, I played, he cheered. We made dinner. We took post-work naps. We ran errands. We hung out with friends. We took a road trip. We stayed up too late watching the Olympics.

In short: We were normal.

I can't explain what a wonderful feeling it is to FEEL settled. And the best thing is that our settled is still pretty fantastic. While there is more litter in the kitchen... rogue socks in the living room... it was wonderful. I won't go on for fear of inducing vomiting. But it is good. I miss him already but I will see him soon, if only for a short time.

Next weekend brings a concert with my best friend... Counting Crows will be my "Bachelorette Party" sans any phallic symbols or "Sucks for a Buck". God bless Beth!

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