25 August 2008


Can I keep them secret? Not really.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm not the girl who blows the surprise birthday party, or the girl who can't keep a secret a friend shares, nor am I the girl who can't pull one off. But I have a hard time keeping good news from Swiss. I got a couple of extra days off from work next month... times when either I am going out to see Swiss or he will be here with me. He doesn't know I have the time off... and I SO want it to be a surprise!

But the real question is how long can I keep the secret hidden? How long until I burst from the excitement? How long until Swiss knows everything? (Apparently this means I have little to no will-power... a fact that is also evidenced by my waistline I suppose!)

I'm hoping that when I go to see him in two weeks, I can drive up there a day early and surprise him like he surprises me. And I'm hoping that the week he has off, I can "forget" to set the alarm for work and surprise him with 2 extra days of normal hanging out (imagine!).

So here's hoping I can keep it a secret. Maybe now that the internet knows, Swiss won't!

PS: Here's a little Holla! to Butterfly Wife: Thanks for making my day! :)

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Butterfly Wife said...

Yay for extra time off! Good luck keeping it secret. I am horrible with secrets and trying to make things a surprise. The biggest part of the surprise is that I was able to keep it secret. :D