28 August 2008

The Sand.

I just read that LAW 's hubby has gotten word of a trip to the Sand. While I know this is the reality of military life, it still makes me sad. I makes me sad that someone else has to feel the lonelyness, the fear, the separation, the sadness of deployment. It makes me sad that another family will be forced to be apart, to miss out on all the little things. It makes me sad that someone else has to put their most precious commodity in harm's way for the benefit of the greater good. And reading her post brought up all sorts of feelings and emotions in me that I thought I had dealt with, at least for the time being.

So, to anyone else who is stading in the shoes of someone like LAW or myself: My heart and prayers are with you. We will all get through this. We will all be strong when we need to be, we will cry when we don't know what else to do, and we will endure. Most importantly, our loved ones will come home, safe and sound.

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liberal army wife said...

Hiya. Thanks for mentioning the blog, first off. and now down to "brass tacks". this life isn't the easiest track to be on, but you already know that. You also know, I hope that you aren't alone on this path, and that we are here to help you, let you cry, vent, scream, laugh with you, and get serious when we need to.

If you are in the Virginia area, email me, we'll get together. Until then, we "talk" this way.