05 October 2009

Aaaand I'm spent.

Well, here it is, Monday. My first day sans-home. It is okay so far! As far as I know, all (okay, most) of our worldly possessions are on their way to Tayhoss via Louisiana and Mississippi. And as far as I know, the house deal is still okay even though we are waiting on the oh-so-precious Special POA (long story involving a house bought before Swiss and without Swiss's name on the title yet he still needs to sign in order to sell it, blah, blah, blah) to arrive from the Sandbox. Fingers are crossed... many, many fingers are crossed... that said POA arrives a) at all and b) this week. If you want to join, feel free to cross your fingers too!

I am currently living with my very sweet In-Laws about 40 minutes away from where I work (only 2 more weeks of work!!!). I get to take a commuter bus, which is surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable. I also get to knit on the bus. Look at me! Knitting in public! My Mother In Law is getting a sweet green hat and it should be ready by the end of the week thanks to the bus. Yes, I like the bus, very much.

The side effect of living sans house though is living out of luggage, Rubbermaid totes, boxes and a pick up truck. Dude, for serials... I DON'T KNOW WHERE ANY OF MY CRAP IS. I couldn't find my conditioner this morning. Or my brush. And I am phobic about looking ridiculous with 3 pieces of luggage to sift/sort through daily. But really people... THREE months! No house! I need 3 pieces of luggage. It is cold here! I need sweaters! And boots! And lots and lots of jeans!!! I can't help it... this is my plight as a chronic over-packer. At least I come by it honestly though. Right? Me thinks some serious rearranging/organizing is in order tonight.

Anyway, enough drivel for now. Needless to say I am glad that the whole move (at least this part of it) is done and that I can start focusing on the fact that R&R is right around 2 weeks away.


Okay, you all have a super Monday and I will post more drivel later. I like drivel. Drivel and busses.


loquita said...

It is my dream to be able to take public transportation to work. As for public knitting, I always crochet when I fly. I love the reactions I get from people. :)

As for Swiss needing to be involved in any way in selling your house. WTF? I am so glad there was none of that shizzz when I sold my house that I bought before I got married. What a PITA!

My in-laws rock as well, I'm glad you have good ones too!

Yay homecoming!

Amy said...

i used to LOVE taking public transport to work every day. It let me unwind and get my thought-ducks in a row in a way I could never do driving/parked in traffic.

TWO WEEKS! Awesome.

Meghan said...

Hooray!! I get to see my man in two weeks too!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!
Glad your situation is looking up!

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Oooooh! R&R!! I'm so glad it's getting so close =). And I'm glad the bus is enjoyable. I had trouble with it, myself, but it does have its perks.

liberal army wife said...

two weeks! much excitement.... oh my my my... Public knitting - I was sitting on Metro yesterday, lady sitting next to me - knitting a sock, I'm knitting away on a scarf, methinks we need a designated car - Metro Knitters Unite!

yes, over packing.. why DOES that sound familiar???? hm.... reorganizing would make things a little easier. ziploc bags - all hair stuff in one, all socks in another... just makes it simpler.

Hope this POA thing gets resolved. I've got a few strange things I need to get resolved before our hoped for closing... I hate this part.


Anonymous said...

How exciting that he'll be home so soon!!! :)