11 November 2009

Odds 'n ends...

First things first: Happy Veteran's Day. Take a moment to celebrate all of our veterans, present and past, to thank them for all they have done and to recognize how lucky we all are to have brave, honorable men & women who are willing to fight for all that is good and right.

Second: Watch "The Way We Get By" tonight on your local PBS station. I've heard all about it but this is the first time I'll be able to watch it. I've got my Kleenex ready. Check out this site to learn about this amazing movie (you will need the Kleenex to watch the trailer too, so consider yourself warned) and this site to find out what channel to watch it on in your area and what time. Also, way to go PBS... broadcasting this movie is not only the honorable thing to do, it is the right thing to do. I hope you tell everyone you know to watch this movie tonight.

Third: I am lopping off all my hair today. Pictures will follow.

Fourth: Swiss is recovering nicely and feeling a million times better. There will be a conversations with the FRG and PTB (powers that be) when I get to Fort X about how this sort of information is disseminated, how much information is given out and so forth. The FRG did what it was designed to do, but the content was all wrong. I'm less mad now, knowing that Swiss is okay, but I would hate for another spouse to have to go through the same mess I did. Also, I would encourage all of you to not have your BiL's and step-kids on your Facebook account no matter how cool they seem. Recipe. For. Disaster.

The end. Now, go hug a Veteran (maybe not a stranger, but hug a Veteran you know).


Slightly Salty said...

You weren't joking about needing tissues just for the trailer. I can't imagine how many I'll need to watch the whole documentary. Thanks for posting b/c I didn't know about this.

Hilary Jacobs said...

Please wish your hubs a happy veteran's day and thank him for both our yours service!

Meghan said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to be brave and watch this...I am currently hiding from CNN in the computer room at my car dealership while getting my oil changed. Now that my man is overseas, the news seems like a field of land mines that could go off at any second and I just can't handle it!

liberal army wife said...

I DVR'd it - was just not ready for anymore tears last night.