10 February 2010

Foodie goodness.

So, the huge plus (among the many plusses) to being a SAHW is that I get to really cook. I love cooking, but I loathed cooking for one and usually after a full day of work I only had the patience/time/energy/motivation to throw something haphazardly together. Not any more. I am totally getting to embrace my inner foodie and I love it! Also, I finally get to make great use of all the fantabulous kitchen goodies/gadgets we got for our wedding!

Just since Swiss has been home I've made Chicken rolls stuffed with feta, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and olives in a yummy tomato sauce. I've made Teriyaki (homemade marinade of course) pork tenderloin* with (again) homemade mango salsa*. And last night I made adobo chicken soft tacos with avocado salsa* and it was To. Die. For.

Tonight, shrimp. I'm sitting here pouring over my pile of food p*rn cookbooks and trying to decide what to make. Do I go asian? Caribbean? Garlicky? Spicy? And you know what? I love this. This is the stuff I never did before... and now that I have time for it? I am totally digging it. And so is Swiss.

Anyway, I've been super thrilled with the recipes I've found lately and all the ones with a * behind them are from this awesomesauce book: The Food You Crave by Ellie Krieger. Go buy it! It is full of healthy, low fat, flavorful and easy recipes that make me drool. Seriously, that avocado salsa? I thought Rich was going to leave me and marry it instead. It was THAT good.

I think I will make Red Shrimp and Mango Curry (can you tell the mangos at the commissary are fabulous now?) from the divine Ms. Nigella Lawson (recipe from Nigella Express) tonight... must get more limes and cilantro because we are going through them like nobody's business. Seriously, we are going through fresh produce left and right and I must say, the food is so much better and we eat so much healthier this way. And y'all are welcome for dinner any time!


Ally said...

If you put your cilantro in a jar of water in the fridge (as in flowers in a vase style) it will last WEEKS. It's a lovely solution to wilted cilantro, should the cilantro last that long in your house!

Brittany said...

I am so jealous.