09 February 2010


Well Hello Blog-o-sphere! Long time no talk!

So Swiss has been home for a hand full of days now, and I won't lie, so far it has been awesomesauce. I am relatively sure that there will be some reintegration stuff that will rear its head in the coming weeks, but right now we are sort of just basking in the glow of togetherness. Hello! My name is Sappy McRomanceCard. Sorry.

Anyway, we have tried to hit the ground running and tackle the things that lie ahead for us. The exciting news is that we got an approved retirement. Real Deal Holyfield approved. That means tons of briefings and appointments and videos and STUFF. And he also got an invitation from the Army to stay in another 3 years at a ROTC position. Of course that has our wheels turning and we are looking into it- who knows if it will even work out or if we will choose to do it. One never knows with us! And also? Leave it to the Army to tell you this stuff only AFTER your retirement paperwork is submitted and approved. Seriously.

But otherwise things are moving along well and I'm typing this on my shiny new MacBook Pro. I'll post pictures later! Swiss also got me a Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet for my Birthday present and it is 84 shades of coolness. I get to doodle straight to my computer and it is so stinking fun! I will make up a doodle just for y'all and post it here so you can see how fantabulous it is!

But that is it on the news front here. Just popping in to say hello! I hope you are all doing well and Thanks for all the kind words you sent along with Swiss's return!


Brittany said...

Hooray for awesomesauce! It's my favorite kind of sauce indeed.

toodydolly said...

That's awesome. just wanted to give you a heads up that if you do decide to do the ROTC thing (which is a blast btw) pulling a retirment packet, after approval, is a B***, and can be denied by DA even if the COC is all on board. If you do go that route start the process EARLY EARLY EARLY so there can be appeals. Learned from experience. Enjoy yorur time!

Little T said...

YAY awesomesauce, retirement/ROTC maybes and new gizmos. Very happy he is save and home with you. Can't wait to see the doodles.

USMCWIFE said...

I can feel your joy coming out of the computer..happy for the both of you..Tell him thank you and welcome home for us.