14 February 2010

Valentine's and a 5K.


Today Swiss and I went to the Big City and ran my first 5K. You know what??? That wasn't as scary or hard or bad as I thought it would be! And I even finished 5 minutes faster than my goal time. Now, I'm no Usain Bolt so don't go laughing when I post my time... but I finished in 35 minutes and a few seconds!!! And I ran the entire first mile! HOORAY! I ran this race before I finished the whole Couch to 5K program (I was only in the middle of week 5) so I know I can most certainly improve. Plus it was actually sort of fun!

And you know what else? I BURNED two girls who looked pretty fit right at the end of the race... and that felt 18 shades of awesome! So yes, I had a lot of fun and will most def do it again. I am digging how much I tap into my competitive reserves and I'll totally admit that Swiss is an awesome running partner. So more training here I come- and who knows when and where our next race will be!

Hope you all have a super day and remember that EVERY day should be Valentine's Day! :) *muwah!*

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USMCWIFE said...

Wow congratulations that is pretty stellar. My couch to 5k has been off for a bit but starting back tomorrow..good to hear you had such great luck with it!! Again Way to go!