11 December 2008

Having a ball.

No, literally, there is a Ball. A formal Ball, and it is about a month away. I haven't been to anything labeled "formal" since my prom (and no, my wedding doesn't count). And the aforementioned prom? Over 10 years ago. 10!!! But I digress...

What I need to know from you ladies is what to expect. And I need pointers on a dress. I found the sassiest, cutest, sexiest black cocktail dress yesterday and SO wanted to buy it. My dear mum had to confirm what I already knew. Cocktail dresses won't cut it at a formal ball. Ball, SHMALL I say! It was a Carrie dress! It was perfect! But I digress once again... what is standard at these affairs? How schmancy do I have to get? HELP!

I definitely need a Crib sheet on these Military Balls (heh... that sounded dirty even when I didn't mean it to be). Cliff notes... whatever you've got.

I'm expecting some good stories Ladies! So bring 'em on!


potandkettle said...

I like 3, 6 and 8. I'm not very decisive, either. I have 3 dresses from a spring function I bought that I couldn't return two of b/c I lost the receipts. At least next year's choice is down to two :)

I always go with black and I'm scared of anything that is "flowy" as it translates to mu-mu on me, but you are totally not me.

Loqi had a cute red number she wore to the Marine Corps ball...she looked super awesome. It was a halter style dress, which I have in black and was going to be my choice this past year, but my best friend wore the same dress in blue.

Sorry I'm no help, but I can't wait to see what you choose!

kimba said...

Stories? I hesitate, because I want you to have the best chance to have a good time - I suspect some of your other readers are holding out for the same reason ;-)

But, I'll give you this: Go with an open mind, and think up a few non-controversial conversation topics ahead of time. Avoid politics unless you're a conservative. Expect to discuss children, work (theirs) and how irritating the "locals" are.

Oh, and drink. It will help. But not so much that you end up arguing about politics - this has happened to more than one of us - right Bette?

Oh, and my all-purpose dressing up advice? Bring a wrap or something, since every formal event I have ever been to has been in a room in which the climate control is set for guys in jackets, not women in strappy gowns. Brrrr!