11 December 2008


Okay... I already talked about the pending Ball. And I really feel like if I am going to do this Ball thing, I am going to look damned good. And not just fancy good... sassy good. I don't want to be the Belle of the Ball, but I don't want to look like everyone else there. That said, I am not wearing a chartreuse taffeta monstrosity either. Sassy, kicky and sexy... but classy too. Thing a merging of Carrie and Charlotte... That's what I am going for. Problem: the town outside of post only has a Dillard's. And I'm guessing lots of the ladies will be shopping there... and the mall here is scary.

So enter the wonderful world of Internet Shopping! ...Shall we? (I just ask that you keep in mind the fact that I am no size 6... I'm an athletic girl and I'm not that tall... but I am not afraid of heights or stilettos! That and I'm NOT going to spend a fortune on this thing...)

Option 1: Ralph Lauren one shoulder black dress... Ooh! It has a ruffle!

Option 2: Continuing the one shoulder theme, only this time in red.

Option 3: Now let's stay on the red one shoulder bandwagon. I kinda really like this one!

Option 4: One shoulder again! Only this time in navy. (but it comes in black as well)

I am sensing a theme... but moving on...

Option 5: Its green! And not one shouldered! I am totally mixing it up now! (but this one comes in red and black too)

Option 6: Heh... back to one shouldered and in black. (This is Swiss' favorite)

Option 7: This one is decidedly different. Strapless (meh.) and patterned.

Option 8: Black with two shoulders (!) and this one may make me look like I have a teensey waist.

and finally... what? I can't help it! I'm indecisive!!! Just ask Swiss!

Option 9: Another black number that will aid in the teensey waist department. And it's kind of sassy with the belt, no?

And on one final note... Apaches are REALLY loud when they fly right over your house not too far above tree level. Just thought you'd like to know.

Okay Ladies... I need your input! Help me find something fabulous for the Ball! Cast your votes now!


LopsidedMom said...

I generally live in jeans so take my opinion with a grain of salt...but I like the idea of #4 in navy and also the green #5...but do you look good in green? It can be a tricky beast...fantastic if it's your color, jaundiced if it's not. Trust me, you should see my junior prom picture....

Bette said...

I'm a fan of No. 9 -- almost classic, but the belt funks it up a little.

Because I'm cheap, I gravitate toward black, reasoning that I can change up the wrap, shoes, and jewelry and keep wearing the dress ad infinitum. Plus if you spill red wine on yourself (ahem) it doesn't show.

liberal army wife said...

#8 - in Red. Oh, I tagged you... on my blog.


kimba said...

5 and 9 are my picks. Personally I hate dressing up and wearing heels, though, so I'm not sure how valuable my opinion is.

When I have to go to these shindigs, I try to keep in mind that I look best when I'm comfortable. If I'm afraid of my heels, or I'm preoccupied with trying to keep my boobs in my top, or if I'm wearing something I'm not comfortable in while seated, standing, leaning over, or other typical human movements and positions, I don't look good.

Oh, and if "athletic" means you're put together like I am - athletic upper arms and shoulders on a fairly petite body - avoid spaghetti straps and other dainty upper body pieces like the plague. I've learned that the hard way through the horrors of photography.

Anonymous said...

ok, here goes, Option 7 is unique and beautiful, I liked it alot....

Option 6 is a classic and elegant, coodos to swiss for havin such good taste.......

And option 4,blue dress, (#177655, 81.90 sale priced) botton right is really snazy too. love the color and the do-dads...have fun picking....

I bet you will be a knock out in any dress you pick, and that Swiss will like anuthing you wear. Lola

Kiki said...

I vote for option 3!