16 December 2008


Does anyone know why the ladies at the Commissary insist on putting your milk into a plastic bag? The big jug of orange juice too? I mean, they come with handles built in for a reason, no?

And does anyone know why there is such an over-abundance of German food products? I am definitely not complaining, just curious.

Also, what is it that makes cable so expensive? Why can't I only pay for the channels we watch? Seriously, there are only ever 12 channels in play at Casa de Tucker & Swiss. And we have like 300 channels.

Finally, why was there freezing rain and ice on the windshield of the truck today when we are in one of the southernmost states of this great union? I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WARM HERE!!!

The end.


Bette said...

I have a theory about the German food.

Especially before the base realignment, *many* soldiers were stationed in Germany at some point in their careers. They acquired a taste for the local food, and sometimes came home with a German spouse as well. I think this also explains why odd little Army towns that have no other kind of ethnic food generally have a successful German restaurant.

I could be all wrong. But whatever the reason, I'm happy to see cheap German chocolate!

liberal army wife said...

and - because the German goods are supplied to the commissary over in Germany, and come over here too. WHATEVER the reason - it's not Christmas until you've had Lebkuchen! The Korean and Japanese aisles, at least at this commissary are HUGE!