04 December 2008


Apparently there are many stages of packing when readying for a deployment.

This I did not know.

We just completed one such stage. And I can say with utter certainty that I did not like it. Not one bit.

See, actually buying items and packing them for such a specific reason & purpose has the unwanted side-effect of really hitting the point home. He is leaving. Not yet, but soon. And it makes my heart heavy, it makes my stomach sink, and it makes my tear ducts really, really want to go into overdrive (but I am getting waaay better at controlling that. I swear.).

I know it is inevitable and that there is nothing to be done to stop it. There is a cause and a need greater than me; and my brave, wonderful, amazing husband will answer the call and make this world a better place. That is something that makes me so proud of him and so proud of our country. But Good Lord I am going to miss that man.

So my resolution is this: Make the most of the time we have now. Savor every moment to the fullest. Soak in the things I will miss most... how he smells after a shower, how my hand feels in his, how wonderful it feels to snuggle up with him, his laugh, his smile, heck... everything about him. Sear every moment into my memory so that I can hold them close when I cannot hold him close. And help him pack.

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Kelly said...

I found your blog trying to search for ideas of what to give my husband that he may not have thought about before he deploys. I just wanted to say that I feel for you. The time pre-deployment through the first week is really the hardest part emotionally. I can't stand to look at his stuff as it starts to pile up. Rushing around to try and get everything done. Stretching time to try and make it include just one more kiss before they leave. It sucks. Just figured I'd write and let you know you aren't alone. The military family is huge and we totally get it. I hope his deployment goes smoothly.