02 September 2009

Ah ha! New Army Math, explained.

So, my lovely Transportation Officer Cinnamon (yes, that is really her name, but she is nice and patient and I really do like the spice so I'm going with it) called me up this morning to explain why a move that is 110 miles closer will in fact cost us $765. Are you ready for this?

Apparently, the Government sets a nation-wide rate for all moving companies, what they will get paid when they do these Government moves. And, apparently many of the movers from the different states don't think that rate is enough. So each of them have these supplemental rates to get each individual state's movers up to the rate that they are comfortable with. Aaaand, apparently the state we currently live in has a rate that is 25% higher than the state Swiss used to live in. Even though they are right next door and, yeah, this is bullshit and makes no sense to me and I hate this state for so, so many reasons now!

However, my annoyance being vented, I am not upset with the Transportation Office... it isn't their fault and Cinnamon was super nice about it. I just think this is lame. The state we live in is lame. The movers from this state are lame. And I think it is lame how everyone and their cat has their hands (er... paws?) in my pockets. Can you tell I've reached maximum density? At this point I just want to be down at Fort X with all this ridiculousness behind me, my husband home and no more drama. Bwahahahahaha. Not for another 5 months Sucker!

Anyway, we are waiting to hear back about all the appraisal/offer/real estate madness. Swiss and I are both just SO over it. We just want to make this deal work, take our lumps and move on. So what if we loose a bunch of money. I just won't get the new car I've been eyeing up and researching for the past year. No big deal. This is how life works... but I just want it to be OVER already. I'll keep y'all posted but in the mean time, please send us all the good juju you can muster! Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Your ranting is cute! I think there is a serious epidemic of lameness going on right now. Just try to find something to laugh at, that'll get you through it.

Bree said...

Same thing happened to us. We actually ended up breaking even - barely - on our move. The move was slated from TX to GA(16 hr drive) but we actually moved from NC to GA(5 hr drive). It costs right at the same b/c NC is so freakin' expensive. Sorry your havin' to pay out money girl, it sucks whether it's transpo's fault or not.

Kanani said...

Shit. That's just so wrong.
I hope you get the stuff worked out with the assessment as well. I can't BELIEVE that scenario!
Anyway, were I there, I'd take you out for a round of yoga, then off to a spa later on.

liberal army wife said...

JUUUUJJUUUUU juuuujuuuuuuuuu ok, sent you all the juju I can...

I toldja - don't EVERY try to do Army Math. You just get a headache.


Ash said...

ugh how frustrating! I'm sorry. I hope it all works out, I'd send you some juju but mine's all wonky lately so you don't want any from my end!