10 September 2009


REVELATION: In regards to the current situation we are in with the buyer... if this were a game of tennis (wherein I would be a Rafa Nadal type and he would be the 114th Ranked player who eeked into the tournament) the ball would be in his court. Any move on my part would a) make me look like a moron and b) upset the balance of the game. Hunh?

To this I say: WHO KNEW? (Answer: me, obviously!)

Somehow I have contorted the situation into being my issue (something about my house not appraising high enough so I had to do something to remedy the situation) and not his which resulted in much gnashing of teeth and near-ulcer inducing stress. So, per the recommendation of our Agent... we are proceeding as dictated by our signed and legally binding Purchase Agreement and heading towards our closing date of October 5th. Until we hear differently from them, its business as usual. And that thud you heard? It was the massive weight on my shoulders falling to the floor, through it and into the basement.

In the interest of full disclosure, this whole thing could fall apart like a house of cards, but we are prepared to put it back on the market (begrudgingly) to hopefully snag a less batshitcrazinsane buyer if need be. Our Agent is confident it will sell just fine, especially if we lower the price a bit ('round about the number where we would still break even).

So, color me relieved. As hokey as it sounds, I feel like someone has breathed life back into me... like I can finally focus on something, anything else. It is good to be back. Let's just hope its a nice long stay...

Thanks for your patience and kind words and support through all of this. Y'all are rock stars!


tara said...

welcome back. and good luck with the house. i sold mine for a 12k loss this spring (ouch) but it was still an enormous relief to have it D.o.N.E!

liberal army wife said...

lets keep a good thought that he'll find someone to loan him the rest of it.

Now, you coming here for a while? while you are "homeless". some good art installations going on in the next few months.

Kanani said...

Yes, it's not your issue. It's the choice of the buyer to go along with it. If they pull out, you'll simply put the house on the market. There's nothing more you can do --you've already done everything you can think of to make is attractive, inviting and saleable. Worrying and stressing ...as you've seen wasn't helping you make it through the day.
So don't.
So relax, continue on this path. In the end, everything will shake out ok.