01 September 2009

Army math?

So would someone please tell me how this "new" Army math works? Obviously I haven't been an Army Wife long enough to understand Army Math... So here's your homework folks:

Let's assume that the distance from our current home to Fort X is exactly 1,103 miles.
And, the distance from Swiss's old duty station to Fort X is exactly 1,213 miles.
Then, how does the cost of a PCS from here cost us (out of pocket) $756.00 more than a PSC from the previous duty station that is, in fact, 110 miles further from our final destination?

According to my civilian math, the cost of driving a moving truck down 110 LESS miles of Interstate A from our house to Fort X is $6.78 per mile. You know, as opposed to driving Highway B for an extra 110 miles only to join up with the same Interstate A? Hmm. I'm confused. Now clearly my civilian brand of math is lacking a certain je nes sais quoi that Army math because those numbers of mine just don't add up. I'm hoping some of you have some insight into how this Army math works, because math wasn't ever my strong suit, so I'm purrty confused about this here PPSO stuff.

Needless to say this discrepancy has been, tactfully, brought to the attention of our PSC officer. I'm tres interested to see what she has to say about this Army math business...


Bree said...

LOL!! Army Math is on a whole different scale from civilian math. It always comes out to THEIR advantage. With our PCS less than 2 months ago, we got shafted money wise. & we were given the "oh well, this is how it works" lip service from the transpo office :o)

Good Luck girl, hopefully your PCS officer will do more than give you the run around.

silver star said...

Sounds like they're trying to screw you over for choosing to not live at the old duty station, despite being 110 miles closer to the new one.

tara said...

oh no. i'm dreading our upcoming (still tbd) PCS. me no likey the military maths. (i'm assuming AF is no better.)

liberal army wife said...

and if she refuses to listen - the IG is a good place to start.