04 September 2009

Weekend intentions.

So, this has been a week. We still don't know anything about the house/appraiser/offer/sold-not-sold situation. It is sort of killing me to not know, but also, if they are still working on it, then what is there to report? No resolution yet. And so far, (knock on wood) the buyer is still all in. Seeing as how it took the appraiser almost a week to do his thing last time, I'm guessing next week is as good as we can hope for. I'm proceeding with the PCS steps in a leap of blind faith. So the moving company is coming through next week for a walk-through. I am continuing my cataloguing of what comes with me, what goes, what is too precious to trust to a random stranger. I think all of this is in the hopes that if I just keep going, things will work out. I'm not stressing out, just, you know, plodding along with the hopes that things won't go horribly awry in the near (or distant) future. Y'all, I'm gonna need you to keep your fingers crossed for us!

But that brings me to this weekend. My intentions? So far, tonight I plan to talk to Swiss, go get some pumpkin beer and supplies for White Russians, snag some dinner and tuck in to watch Marie Antoinette and Pan's Labyrinth in the hopes of getting inspired to do some artwork (think sketches, pen & ink stuff). Tomorrow I get to haul all of Swiss's hunting gear up from the basement and into the truck for transport and storage at the in-law's house. The perk? Helga will feed me a hearty, cream & butter filled, German dinner. Yum. Then Sunday I am making baked beans for a get-together with friends. These baked beans. Bacon! Monday... nothing. Blissful, sweet nothing. All in all, it should be a good, relaxing weekend for me to chill out, decompress and gear up for the next 6-ish weeks of madness until R&R comes.

What are y'all up to? Either way, I hope each of you have a wonderful long weekend!

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Amy said...

i wait LITERALLY ALL YEAR for pumpkin ale. OH MAN. the best.