09 April 2010


ZOMG. So excited!!! Can you hear me "Squeeeeeee!"-ing? Oh, you must watch this trailer if you like SATC even the teensiest amount. And the bit right at the end??? *GASP!* You will see who shows up and then you will freak the heck out like I did. You know, only if you care about this stuff. AND I DO!!!

And anyone who needs a movie buddy to go see this (ahem, not that I am talking about myself AT ALL) just let me know! :) Woot!


Jesse and Marissa said...

haha.....i'm hooked. i want to see it!

silver star said...

I'm excited! That was the first preview I've seen for the movie, thanks for posting it.

Julie the Army Wife said...

OH wow!!! I WANT to see that movie. First time I had seen the preview too.

Noelbelle said...

OMG ahhhhh Aiden and snark. I cannot wait! I am going to be on the other side of pond when it comes out :( I am seriously trying to bribe someone into videoing it for me.... hmmmm.

Dog Training said...

Okay-- is it just me, or does she look like a transvestite?

I do admit to enjoying both the tv series and the first movie.

I met Candace Bushnell, when she was at the Brown Bar, in Austin, Texas pitching her latest book at the time. Interesting woman!