29 April 2010

Now, for the fun part of getting a 15 year old.

Redecorating!!! *snort*

Of course this isn't the only part that will be fun... but it is a big deal to me for Kid A to come down here to a HOME. Not just a spare room with spare stuff dressed up a his new room. I want it to be his, to be cool, to be welcoming, and most importantly to make him feel like he is wanted here. I know bedspreads and lamps won't do that alone, but I know no one has really done something like this for him before, so I'm hoping it goes a long way to helping him settle in and feel like he is a part of our family.

So, with that, I have pulled together some ideas from my ever loved IKEA that I think say "Welcome Teenage Boy!" as well as giving it a dose of cool, modern, funky style that a midwestern teenager who is ALL about skating might not be adverse to. Also, they all come in at right around $100. Score!

What? I am a stay at home wife. I spend waaaaaay too much time on the internet because I am bored and as Beth can attest, these idea boards are pretty much par for the course with me. I had 12 for my house when I bought it and 5 for our wedding. I'm visual folks. Can't be helped.

Aaaaanyway, here are the three ideas I have. The kids loves black. I get that, but also, he needs to be introduced to my best friend Roy G Biv. So I tried to put in shots of color and, hopefully, avoid a room that is just a pit of black dispair. Also, he could used some culture/exposure to new things and I'm hoping to help him see that there are cool things in the world that aren't made by DG and Vans and whatever else the skater kids are wearing these days.

So, without further adieu, here are the 3 rooms I've come up with. I hear some of your shouts that he should get to choose his room and theoretically I agree with you, but I really, really want him to walk in the door when we bring him home to a fully furnished, decorated, kick-ass room. Sue me.

First, choice A. This is the blackest room but I am totally in love with the map of NYC and that the duvet cover works with the blue pillows and red accents to be graphic and hip and sorta skater-y all at the same time.

Second choice B. I heart this duvet and it reminds me of a hoodie I bought him for Christmas and he loved. Still graphic and hip but a lot more color and a lot more pattern. Also, I love green and orange together, don't you?

Last but not least, choice C. This one is a bit safer, the duvet is pretty tame and the colors all come from the numbery print at the bottom. I think this one would work well but isn't quite as hip as I would like. Because it is all about me, right?

Okay, so now I need your votes. PLEASE! Pick A, B, or C and maybe throw in your 2nd choice too for good measure. Or any suggestions you have for mixing up the choices, that would be awesomesauce too. Remember: 15 year old midwestern skater kid who loves black and angsty teen metal music but who will also sing along to Viva la Vida by Coldplay when in the car with me.



Charity said...

B is my favorite by far, but C would be great too!

*Jenn* said...

I think A is my favorite and C is my second choice. :) Good luck!

USMCWIFE said...

LOL I have been loving your blog about all this and commend you for it. I just showed them to my 17 year old and he did what I knew he would. He shrugged and said, "eh, C is ok." and that is high praise from a teenage boy. So know that whatever you decide, whatever his reaction, don't take it personal. Teenage boys don't much care about those things..unless there is a teenage girl buried in there somewhere he may or may not even notice what color the bedding is ever. I agree with my kiddo though..C is my fave!

Sis B said...

I would go with basics--bed, nightstand, dresser. Let him pick out the accessories. No matter how funky/cool you try to make it, we are supremely uncool at "our age". Funny how I still feel 16 most of the time...

I know you want it to be nice and put together for him, but I would try to find other ways to make him feel welcome. Make sure there's space for him, if that makes sense. In the living room, at the dining table, etc. Make sure if he doesn't have his own bathroom that there is room for his toothbrush, razor, etc. If you have hooks for coats at the front door, make sure he's got one. These little things will make it feel like less of an inconvenience, and like he fits. Letting him choose his own decor will also let him feel that way--that he is in his own room and not one of yours.

Sorry to disagree. :) The rooms do look cute, though.

liberal army wife said...

I'd go with C - but with him knowing that you'll take him to IKEA for the finishing touches.

You are going to do this well, I'm certain of it. it's scarey, because - well teenage boys are a totally different species! having brought one up - it's an exercise in patience and once in a while, saying "because I said so"


solitarywindchime said...

I like option C (that numbery picture is just awesome), but a white bedspread and a boy at any age is taking quite a risk. I'd swap it out for option A's.

Amy said...

A / B (prefer B)