22 April 2010

Like, whoa.

So sometimes it take a minute or two (and by minute I mean day) for things to really sink in with me. This is usually why I come up with perfectly witty and cutting come-backs about 24 hours after the fact. I'm not slow... it just takes a bit for me to process the things I didn't see coming. But I digress.

Its the Kid A thing that is finally sinking in. Of course it still isn't set in stone... not even close for that matter... but I just realized how awesome (awesome as in holy-hell) of an effect this will have on our life and our choices. I mean, now we have to pick a house because it is in a good school district, not because we just love it. We have to take school commutes into account. We have to up the requirements on a house from 3 bedrooms to 4... plus another bathroom because teenage boys are gross (I say that with love and utter honesty). We have to think about getting a beater car for when he gets his license. And the skyrocketing insurance costs. We have to worry about girlfriends and god-forbid him knocking someone up. We have to consider all this other stuff now... not to mention the mind-numbing responsibility of moulding him into an adult we can all be proud of.

And to be honest? I'm not sure how I feel about it. Overwhelmed? Scared? Intimidated? A teensey bit annoyed (that is the selfish only child coming out)?

Of course we will do the right thing and make our choices with him and his needs in mind. But you know, I was really digging the idea of living in a remote corner of town with quiet and solitude and a cozy house that was all serene and quiet and usually looking pulled-together and lovely. I'm no fool- that picture doesn't meld well with a teenage boy and all raising a kid entails. I have no doubt that we will find the happy medium that will work for all of us. But wow... this change is going to be (if it ever happens) one of those moments in life where everything changes. Life will be defined, at least until he graduates, in terms of BKA and AKA. You know, before Kid A and after Kid A. le sigh.

Anyway, as you can tell I'm relatively pre-occupied with this newest development in our life. We are still on vacation visiting family and I am SO ready to get home to our own bed and I'll even admit that I miss Fort X a little bit. But for tonight, I get to see a dear friend and catch up over wine and watch our husbands bond over marrying such weird women.


Post Tenebras Lux said...

It's a huge deal! I can see why you're feeling a bit overwhelmed (underwhelmed?). I hope you have a great visit with your friend.

Amy said...

wow. i mean, just... wow. Complete renegotiation of habits and norms and relationships. Can't even comprehend. All the best, lady.