14 May 2009

A favor.

To any of you who read this who don't have husbands (or wives or boyfriends or whatever your flavor) deployed: Do me a favor, please? Hug him (or her). Hold him tight and talk to him, for more than your allotted 30 minutes per day. Do it because I can't. Do it because you can. And savor every second of it. Okay? Good.

Thank you.


Bree said...

I remember thinking that same thing on so many occasions not that long ago. Thanks so much for reminding me how precious our time together really is. He may not be with me right now but I'll call him & let him know how much I love him :o)

liberal army wife said...

for me too.

Jennifer said...

I do. And I'm thankful every day that he is here safe with me.

Thinking of you and Swiss.