21 May 2009

Their wedding video is cooler than yours. Sorry.

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

This should totally make you feel inadequate about your wedding and also make you feel really uncool because you didn't think of it. At least, that is what it did for me. But still, AWESOME. (Thanks Jenny!)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME. that's my karaoke jam!

my two fav wedding things are:
1) i had a friend in Philly who just got engaged, and they did their engagement photos AT IKEA. like in all the different rooms. they're incredible. and

2) my friend Gina in NY did the typical first dance - slow, romantic song. halfway through the song, the DJ scratched and broke into ME SO HORNY and she lifted up her gown and they started dirt dancing. HOW GREAT IS THAT.

Tucker said...

Okay- I love, love, love the IKEA thing. Gaw- WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!?!? So cool.

Also, Gina sounds like a hoot. That is awesome. And that sounds like a kick-ass wedding!

And BTW, great choice for a karaoke jam. Queen rules.

Anonymous said...

OH shoot! That was seriously awesome! Man... if my hubby saw that before our wedding I'm sure I would have ended up with something like that. We both LOVE Queen. And... we did have a big sing along to that song at our wedding on the dance floor.

Yeah, I know... totally not the same. haha.

The Army Wife said...

I seriously can't stop watching this video. I posted it on my blog, too, and sent it to a million people. FRICKIN' HILARIOUS!!!

Tucker said...

I know, right? It is possibly the coolest wedding video EVER.