05 May 2009

Rain, rain go away.

Rain Rain Go Away..., originally uploaded by Lisa Photography.

We are in day 1 of a 5 day stretch of rain/thunderstorms. I know my plants will love it. I, however, do not. You know, just in case Mother Nature is listening.


Jennifer said...

It's such a bummer when all you want to do is be outside, or be inside with the windows open!

I'll be thinking sunny thoughts for you. Maybe it will pass sooner than the weather people think. If your forecasters are anything like ours, they're wrong more often than they're right.

liberal army wife said...

We're in Day 3. sigh....

Met Rep Wenz MN again today... or should I call him MSG Wenz!


The Army Wife said...

See ... i love rainy days! It's the Seattle girl in me.

The Tornado's that we currently have touching down in my county? Yeah ... not so much.