18 May 2009

Teh randomness.

Yeah, so I went AWOL this weekend from the blog-o-sphere. Sorry.
I’ve been in a sort of quasi funk… not that things aren’t good, because they are… just that Ugh, are we done yet?
(HA HAHAHA Ha hahahahahhaaaha AHAHAHAHAH! NO. We are not.)

I coached the U12 girls in a tournament this weekend. We were 1-3. But somehow we still got 2nd place in the “Bronze” Bracket. Also known as the LOSER bracket (and I say this with utter confidence as we lost both qualifying games). I love how we are sugar coating everything for kids now days. Anyway, this coaching gig has been an interesting observation and study in the results of parenting methods… and I totally made 2 girls cry. One told me she didn’t like the position we put her at so I said if she didn’t like it she could sit on the bench. Tears. The other told me she wasn’t cheering for her teammates because she was bored, to which I said, if you are bored then go home. Tears. Heh… I sound like such a hard-ass. The thing that blows my mind is how some of these 11 & 12 year old girls have no idea what the word respect means. They don’t come out of the womb like that, right? Someone made them that way. And those parents? I want to kick them in the shins and whip them the bird. Mature, I know.

But I digress. Fletcher and I have reached a happy compromise that involves him sleeping in his kennel in the basement so that I am no longer awakened at 5:09 am and grumpy as all get out. It is good! Plus I think Fletch is waaaaay cuter at 6 am than he is at 5. Everyone wins!

And in other super exciting news, I just booked my first paying job as a photographer. (ahwehewyeysrusdiufydsiuhg!!!!) It will be a family photo shoot combined with 9 month baby pictures. The baby girl? She is adorable! This family? They are beautiful. And we are doing it in their garden, which is more like a botanical park. I can’t wait! I think this means I might need to come up with a logo or something. Hmm. Should I stick with Tucker & Swiss as a name or branch out? Do I go with my real name? Make something random up? What do you all think????


Jenny said...

I'd say branch out -- maybe start another blog or website just for your photography.

Congrats on the gig!

The Army Wife said...

Yay! That's awesome! :) I'm doing a bridal shower in June -- non paying of course, as a favor for a friend, but hope to land a PAID gig one of these days!

Congrats to you!

And I agree, kids are totally sugarcoated, and it's annoying. My coaches were hard asses when I grew up, and if we cried ... wait, we wouldn't DARE cry if we wanted to play. So, you're not a hardass, just telling them what they need to hear.

Tucker said...

Thanks for the input Jenny! That is the way I am leaning now... new blog, new flickr page, new name. BUT WHAT? Oh, the decisions!

Thanks for the excitement AWL! I am stoked to see your photos from the shower too! I am glad you think I wasn't out of line... that is how I remember my coaches too. THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!! ;)

CaliValleyGirl said...

I loved the movie Mad Hot Ballroom, which shows the transformation of 11 year old kids into competitors...some with the encouragement of their teachers, and others really wanting to compete, but their teachers claiming they don't think competition is good for the children...it was such a great documentary!

liberal army wife said...

kids need to learn life. but they also need to learn good sportsmanship and that the game is NOT the most important thing in the world. the parents that make me crazy - the ones who scream at their children for making a mistake.

As for the photo career - how freakin' cool is THAT!! whoooot. Tucker's photos... Tucker's films.


kimba said...

Great news! I love the name Tucker and I think incorporating that somehow could be cool. But then again, your real name would be less confusing to your clients.

As for your coaching gig...give 'em hell. They'll thank you for it someday.

Jennifer said...

Is it because the sun is coming up earlier that our dogs think 5:00 am is time to get up? Lucy puts her cold, wet snout in my face at 5:30 every morning. I tell her to go back to bed and she does.

But Leo, who still sleeps in a crate, starts dragging his nails down the metal bars of the crate until I can't stand it anymore and I get up. No crying or whimpering. Just the click of nails on metal. Over and over...

Maybe I should follow your example and move both of them out of our room. Because, yes, they are so much cuter at 6:00 than they are at 5:00!