27 May 2009

Puppy paws and eyeballs.

They do not mix. Let me tell you!

Yep, I get to go to the Opthamologist today because Fletch managed to poke/nick/claw my eyeball last night while playing. I'm thinking that my contact lens took the brunt of the assault, but we will know for sure later today. So the moral of the story, in true OSHA fashion, is to wear protective eye wear when roughhousing with your dog on the floor.

And in other news, I am super pumped that there are two (2!) different series going on in the blog-o-sphere about reintegration and post-deployments: SisB over at Veritably Bare and LAW & The Army Wife over at LeftFace. I feel like, though 'far' away still, our reintegration is a final exam that I have no way of studying for... and it ain't open book either. So I am thrilled that these awesome ladies are going to share their experiences, advice, tips and really put themselves out there in such an open and honest way... I'm hoping I can glean some insider tips and at least show up to my final exam slightly prepared! Anyway, go check them out and share your experiences (mostly so I can glom off of your knowledge!)!

That is all I have for today. I do wish it would stop raining though... Happy Wednesday everyone! Off to get some caffeine!!!

UPDATE: The eyeball is fine, though now both eyes are dilated and I am stuck at work with enough fluorescent lighting to land a UFO. Mah eyez! They hurt! Anyway, that is all. Carry on!


Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Yes but do you have huge Jackie O sunglasses to help?

I hate having my eyes dilated to begin with, much less trying to work in a UFO landing environment!

Army Duck said...

Aww I'm glad to hear that there wasn't any permanent damage. Hopefully they heal up quickly!

Kanani said...

Oh good. I've had a scratched cornea twice. It was awful. All I could do was lay in bed with a patch over my eye!

I'll go look at those articles. Egads... I've been swamped.

liberal army wife said...

you went back to work?? no.. cannot do that when dilated. home. sleep. anyway, glad nothing bad happened there.