09 January 2010

Mah weekend.

Yesterday I did 80 flights of stairs, lugged up box after box of stuff and helped my FRG put together close to 200 single soldier barracks rooms. We hung up shower curtains, plugged in lamps, set out shampoo, TP and laundry detergent, folded towels and made beds... complete with a pair of condoms, neatly placed on the pillows, sort of like the fancy hotels do with chocolates. Hey, let's all be frank... after a hot shower, the condoms are probably pretty close to the top thing on most of those guy's priority lists! It was awesome to meet a few other ladies from the unit- most were really nice and interesting and friendly, so that was great. It was also nice to be able to help and do something nice for the guys coming home to an empty dorm-style room.

Today, my Mom flies in. HOORAY! She very kindly offered to come down to help me with the unpacking, organizing, decorating madness that I find myself currently floundering in. I'm very much looking forward to the company (you can only talk about so much with a dog, you know?) and the fresh perspective and also, for our pilgrimage to IKEA. Woot! So, hopefully by this time next week, the house will be TOTALLY put together and painted and decorated and looking so fabulous I won't believe it. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, that's it! Have a stellar Sunday everyone!


Meghan said...

I am SO excited for you!!

liberal army wife said...

doing that single soldier project is such a wonderful thing to do. My son remembers coming home to his room, and being blown away by the clean sheets, clean room, goodie basket. So for the moms of the guys who are coming home to that lovely room, thanks!

Have a good time at IKEA with mom and the painting too! but, I will stand up for the Dog conversations. The chats with The Cat, very deep... very deep...


USMCWIFE said...

Sorry I missed your birthday..Happy Birthday..next year I hope you get all the hugs from hubs you want and or need.