03 January 2010


First things first: Watching the Food Network is a horrible idea when your pantry is bare and you have not a single cooking utensil at your disposal. Just so you know.

Second: Buying a washer and dryer should not be more complicated than buying a car. For cereals. I've now been to the PX 3 times, Home Depot once and Lowe's twice. No one has the same stuff in stock and the prices are all sort of the same but delivery, vent packages, tax or no tax, gift cards, military discounts- bah! I finally picked one out today only to find that they only have it in red. Not a problem for me, but Swiss distinctly said "get one in white though". So back home I go. I'll check out AAFES online and maybe Sears too. But I swear to you all, I WILL have a washer and dryer by the end of the week! Even if it kills me and ends up being red!

Third: ZOMG!!! Our stuff!!! It arrives tomorrow between 8 and noon!!! I will have a real bed and a couch and kitchen utensils and a big TV and hangers and our STUFF! Wheeeeeeeee!

Fourth: Fletcher has GOT to stop waking me up before 6:00am every day. I do not know how to remedy this... any ideas folks? I might just have to leave him out to run around more and take him on walks late in the day. Goo. But the plus side is that since I am always up so early I've been doing really good at my Couch to 5K program. I'm going to call that a silver lining. Or something.

Fifth: IKEA here I come! My Mom is coming down to help me find homes for the 9,000 lbs of our STUFF that is coming tomorrow. And this place is big, so that means more furniture! More curtains! More rugs! More STUFF!!! Can you tell I'm a teensey bit excited for some serious IKEA spending? Also, it is my Mom's first trip there- can you believe it? Anyway, there will be Swedish Meatballs consumed and there will be a truck bed full of ready to assemble new furniture! Hooray!

Sixth: Have a stellar week everyone!


loquita said...

Woot IKEA!!!! Just reading that *you* are going to IKEA makes me excited about IKEA! :-p

And yay for getting your stuff back, holy heck you have been living in limbo for a loooooooong time lady! Enjoy! :)

Oh yeah -- make the movers unpack everything, otherwise you will be inundated with the paper the packed stuff in, and boxes. Just a tip from my PCS experience! :)

lola said...

OOOOH! <3 stuff! The movers are coming for ours sometime this week and then god knows when it will actually arrive, but YAY..

liberal army wife said...

digging through the boxes... like Xmas all over again.

no cooking utensils... do you have a phone - TAKEOUT! there's a cooking utensil. I don't use it myself, but I know a lot of people who do.

IKEA! I need to get down there, waiting for Chief to get back to do it. but they don't have the big chairs I want.....