06 January 2010

The new digs.

Ah, on-post housing. First off, let me say that I am grateful to have a nice big house that doesn't require a lease or us actually cutting a rent check every month, for having a house that doesn't involve any of the 6-8 rush hours there are getting on and off post, and for having a place big enough to hold all the stuff we procured over the years... its a lot.


I'm only one week in and I've had a live-in "waterbug"... THEY ARE CALLED COCKROACHES PEOPLE!... a MP stationed outside our back yard every day to keep the hoodlum middle schoolers from kicking in, breaking, and otherwise defacing our housing and fence... and now my kitchen sinks are clogged. Like, straight up clogged. I was trying- obviously in vain- to clean our dishes as I took them out of their packing materials... that stuff has been in storage for 3 months with God-only-knows-what-else so I figured a good scrub was in order. And then the sinks stopped draining. Seriously. So Operation Kitchen Assembly is on hold for the next 24 hours. I swear to you, I'm going to be eating every meal for the next week in the PX food court. Ugh.

But on the plus side, I've enjoyed rediscovering all of our sweet stuff. And discovered that both Swiss and I are clothes horses. I've also discovered that much of our home furnishings were meant to go in a house with colored walls. Cause this stuff is BEIGE! Thankfully Swiss is 110% on board with doing a bit of painting in the digs... he even picked out appropriately bold colors from the ones I had picked out. We are going to have a "Marmalade Glaze" dining room (think pumpkiny orange) and a "Spiced Plum" (eggplanty purple) living room. God, I love that man!

Also, not having a basement sort of sucks... how do you southerners do it???? Us Mid-westerners all have basements. You put all your stuff that you don't know what else to do with there... you store your holiday decorations there... you keep all your STUFF there. We have no basement. So where does this stuff go? And don't say the garage!!! We don't have one of those either! Ha!

Anyway, until the plumber comes (within 24 hours hopefully) I will have to shelve Operation Kitchen Assembly for the most part and get on with Operation Stock That Closet! Wish me luck and have a stellar day... there will be another post forthcoming about the strangeness that is being a SAHW... which is either a Stay At Home Wife or Snarky Ass Hillbilly Wanker. You decide!


Jenny said...

Here in my part of VA, we CAN'T have basements. They'd be under water. (Technically most of our houses are already below sea level anyway.) All of our shizz goes in the attic.

I'd love to have a basement! When we were considering a move to Pittsburgh, almost every house we looked at had a basement that was as large as the whole house. I was amazed.

Anyhoo...I vote for Snarky Ass Hillbilly Wanker. :) Or, Scheider Always Has Wetsuit.

Kiki said...

Ditto on the basements! We moved down here and said something about basements and the southerners said, "What are basements?" And we were like "wha??! you don't know what basements are?"

liberal army wife said...

we have a big garage in the new place. whew. and I kinda like the snarky ass hillbilly wanker.. just sayin'

silver star said...

In the southern part of the US, you can't have a basement without french drains and lots of other additions because of the humidity, soil, mold, and some other stuff I remember my geology teacher talking about but can't recall right now.

As for the colors, they sound wonderful! I can picture this warm dining room with orange walls for a big meal, and then sitting in the living room watching tv before bed with purple walls and no lights on. I wish I had a house now, lol!