07 January 2010

Awards? Cool.

Well, sweet HellCat Betty sent me an award. Apparently she enjoys my blog. She might be crazy, but then again, that may be why we get along! Thanks Betty!

So, there are rules. Awards have rules? Anyway, here they are:
1. List 10 things that make you happy
2. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
Ten Things That Make Me Happy
1. Sappy as it may be: My husband. Swiss is the best and nothing, no one, no place makes me as happy as he does. (you can feel free to gag or vomit if you please, sorry.)
2. Painting.
3. Crisp fall days and nights, preferably with a bonfire and wine.
4. My awesome family.
5. My most excellent friends for which I would be clinically insane.
6. Photograpy.
7. Cooking.
8. My nutty dog, Fletcher.
9. Traveling.
10. Laughing.

Ten military related bloggers that I enjoy:
1. Brittany @ My Army Wife Life
3. LAW

5. Bette @ Vissi d'arte

6. Matt and Molly @ Here and Far

Lopsided Mom even though she's been quiet on the blogosphere for a bit
Dude... I DO NOT know what happened with the formatting on this guy. Sorry for the wonkieness.

1 comment:

liberal army wife said...

thank you, dear friend. you deserve all the accolades. so, want to send me some of those boxes? (kidding..)