07 September 2008

Alone time.

No, this isn't about being left alone when Swiss heads back to his current post (although it does suck, always will. And somehow it never gets easier... sigh).

This is about having a whole 28 hours to ourselves. Alone. No family. No responsibilities. No one else to attend to other than each other. And it was fantastic. We spent so much time curled up with one another I was a twee bit worried we might begin to physically grow together. And it was blissful! It is times like these that make me so sure that we are meant for one another, that we really are each other's perfect match. We get along so well, we have so much fun, we have so much love and admiration and respect for one another. There is so much affection and tenderness, so much support and comfort... and we don't need anyone else or anything else to keep us happy and content: just each other. He's the One. And it makes me so giddy to have found him!

PS: I finished two paintings this weekend... I will post the pictures this week! :)


Butterfly Wife said...

I love that feeling, too. :D

Can't wait to see the pics of your paintings.

Linda said...

Enjoy those feelings of "growing together"....someday, the every-day will have to suffice (with kids, school, and life in general coming in between, where you'll miss that feeling!)

Can't WAIT to see your paintings!