12 September 2008

Guilty pleasure.

Project Runway. I am a sucker for it. I have been since the very first season. Hopelessly addicted... That's me.

And today the Season 5 finalists had their Bryant Park collections shown! And I have been glued to the computer waiting to see the collections before the final... see, I hate secrets! Anywhoodles, I will post more when the complete collections are up on the net.

Happy Friday Internets!

UPDATE: Here they are... thanks to Tom and Lorenzo.

1 comment:

Butterfly Wife said...

You can't do this to me!!!!

Now I know that this out there, do I look or wait and watch the whole thing unfold on TV????

This is hurting by brain!! Oh what a quandry! Oh the humanity!

Fine. I'll go click and get it over with.