09 September 2008

I want to be a Pioneer Woman.

There is this woman. Her name is Ree. She is a super cool lady who used to lived in the big city, she fell madly in love with a rancher back home and moved out to the country. Now she home schools her kids, takes beautiful photographs, cooks some wicked recipes, and writes an AWESOME blog (I am sure she does lots more, but I'm trying to be succinct!). Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

Seriously, she has the coolest life. Swiss and I totally want to move out west when his Army days are done. Only we won't be ranchers. Maybe we will just live next to one. Or three.

Anyway, Ree has a FANTASTIC cooking/recipe section and last night I made 2 of her recipes. One was so darned good I ate the whole thing. I literally could not stop eating it. The other was mighty tasty too... So I thought I would pass them on to you and tell you to go check her out. She is cool. And she is coming out with a cookbook soon. Ree Rocks.

Crash Hot Potatoes: Super yummy and crunchy. I love me some potoatoes... so this was right up my alley. Crunchy potatoey goodness.

Fresh Corn Casserole: SHUT UP. This was insane. I ate the whole thing. I made it with a combination of canned and frozen corn because I am not yet a Pioneer Woman with fresh corn at my disposal. It still rocked. Big time.

Anyway, that is all I have to say about that. Hope y'all have a super day!


Anonymous said...

I lurve her and stalk, err read, her regularly.

Hubs is from OK and when I started reading her, I asked hubs why he didn't become a cowboy. He just stared blankly at me and then shrugged me off. I told him it was his attitude...cowboys don't have attitudes. (hee hee) He didn't appreciate my humor.

Tucker said...

Pot and Kettle-
First off, I love that you say lurve. I say lurve too. Rock on. Second, I am glad someone else is addicted to Ree and her blog. Your story mad me giggle! I certainly appreciate your humor! Have a super day!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love Ree? She's hilarious and I can relate since I grew up on ranches. And she takes fantastic pictures...I drool...yes, I'll admit it. I drool when I read her blog.