17 September 2008


So Swiss is home this week. He has a one week pass to go deer hunting and hang out with his beloved. And it has been wonderful. All sorts of alone time, family time, just hanging out time, go out to dinner and run errands time, watch TV time even! I love it. What I don’t love, however, is that fact that my living room now looks like an IED that was made out of tree stands and clothes all packed into luggage went off square in the middle of my living room.

Boom. Fabric shrapnel has made a mess of my home.

It doesn’t make me mad though. It makes me giggle a bit, actually. See, I am not a neat-freak or super anal about cleaning (though I do have my bouts of both)… so I have been able to shrug it off for the most part, figuring it was only temporary. But this morning I had to trudge through the mess, in the dark, while trying not to sprain an ankle or ungracefully bite it face first into the coffee table, in high heels.

That was when I decided we might have to make tonight’s “us” time “cleaning” time. How utterly unromantic of me!

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