03 September 2008


I cannot thank you all enough! And I can't possibly thank Butterfly Wife enough for sending you all here (she's the best!).

Your kind words and support and the fact that you were all willing to reach out to a stranger to lend whatever comfort and encouragement you could is incredible.

So thank you... from the bottom of my heart.


Image courtesy of russmorris over at flickr.com


Butterfly Wife said...

You are most welcome. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm always late to the party. Found you via B'fly wife and wanted to pop on over and say "HI!" We are honored to have you as part of our extended family. There's a lot of love that spreads around these parts and I've found a lot of support when I needed it so desperately. Just because you aren't a spouse yet, doesn't mean you aren't important to us.