04 September 2008

Changing the pace.

With Swiss on his cross-country trek with the government van I will have some extra time this weekend. Time that I can do whatever I please with (don't be mistaken though... I would SO rather be with Swiss!). So what shall I do?

I think I shall paint. I am a not-so-closeted artist... but I really haven't had time with all that has been going on... any ideas for what I should paint?

These are just a few of the things I have done in the last year... now I just need some inspiration! Happy Friday Internets!


Linda said...

Go to my blog and look at my sunflowers...and paint them. If you need a bigger file or picture, I'll gladly email one to you...I'd love to see your interpretation of our lovely Kansas Wild Sunflower!

Tucker said...

Great idea Linda! I snagged one of the photos from your blog and I will do my best! Thanks! :)

Butterfly Wife said...

What great paintings! You are quite the talent. Thanks for sharing these.

Sunflowers are a great idea and Linda is a great photographer.

You could paint some stuff for Christmas gifts.

Linda said...

I can't wait to see what you'll do with it; which one did you pick, or is that a secret? I love your girl walking in the snow....just reminds me of living in Northern Maine all of my childhood!

BW - thanks for the compliment!

kimba said...

The painting of the woman under the moon, walking through the trees - it's just gorgeous.